Indonesians Get High After Police Burn Confiscated Marijuana

AP Photo
AP Photo

Indonesian police accidentally intoxicated the population of an entire town by burning 1,100 pounds of marijuana in Tangerang, 15.5 miles west of Jakarta. The amount added up to almost $1 million.

Apparently the officials never viewed the episode of The Simpsons in which the Springfield police did the same thing. The cops wore masks, but the civilians were left unprotected.

“I got a headache because I wasn’t wearing a mask,” said Deden, a resident.

The police also destroyed crystal methamphetamine, ecstasy pills, and heroin. Tangerang police chief Sr. Cmr. Riad told The Jakarta Post the police seized over 1,100 pounds of marijuana in south Tangerang on February 2. Airport customs seized the heroin from smugglers.

Science Times reported the wind circulated the smoke right after the police started the fire. A journalist needed to “sit down and have a cup of tea” to fight off the high.


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