Save the Iraqi Yezidis from Genocide!

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The Yezidis are now on the move. This has been secretly planned for months. What we now have is a potentially mass exodus from ISIS-controlled Iraq. They have reason to believe that Bulgaria will grant them asylum. However, Turkey, which they must enter and exit on their way to Bulgaria, is giving them trouble.

According to my informant Ghulie Khalaf, “There have been clashes between the refugees and the Turkish police. Ten buses are on their way but there are seventeen more buses to be packed but the Turkish guards are stopping them at the border. We want media attention.”

This is a desperate cry. Will the enormous, sleeping conscience of the world finally awaken?

Attached are the photos of a batch of refugees who are perhaps twenty hours away from the Turkish border.

Yezidi International is passing out food and water. They have also posted a plea on their Facebook page.

“Genocide Before our Eyes”

The Yezidi Genocide

“Our faith in humanity is weakening . . .
We need help now. This is when we need people to stand with us and take action

Middle East and the cradle of civilization is becoming religiously and ethnically purified and for the benefit of all Iraqis and the world that cannot continue…

We need all to condemn ISIS and their acts wherever and whenever given a chance

Show that Yezidis have the right to exist
A mother should not have to choose which of her kids to save and which to leave behind
A 9 year old should not be raped and impregnated
A 3 year old should not have to witness his father being murdered
A woman should not look in mass graves for her husbands’ body . . . “

“The news is very depressing,” said Khalaf. “After making it to the border, they forced them back on the buses and gave them two choices: One, go back to Iraq, or two, go back to the camps in Turkey.”

Below are photos of the exodus. 

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