Islamic State Burns Alive Fighters for Losing Ramadi


The Islamic State has begun to burn alive jihadists who participated in failed efforts to keep Ramadi, Iraq in the hands of the terrorist group.

According to a report at Fox News, residents of the Islamic State’s Iraqi stronghold in Mosul said a group of black-clad jihadis survived the 250-mile retreat from Ramadi, after it was recaptured by Iraqi forces… only to be made to stand in a circle while they were doused in gasoline and set ablaze.

The Fox report goes on to note that several other instances of cowardly jihadis being executed by their commanders have been reported, especially after ISIS lost control of Saddam Hussein’s hometown, Tikrit.

ISIS has visited growing horrors upon the captive citizens of Mosul as well, as the long-awaited operation to liberate the city and kick the Islamic State out of Iraq comes together.

“They come to the house and take the children and accuse them of being spies. If the mom cries and gets upset at them, they accuse of her being a spy too and take her to the jail and later kill her,” said an Iraqi source.

Terrorism experts described these brutal purges of alleged “spies” and jihadi deserters as evidence of the Islamic State’s growing frustration and paranoia, noting something similar happened to the Somali terror gang al-Shabaab when it began losing territory. Attempting to flee from the ISIS “caliphate” is evidently a reliable way to be accused of espionage and executed.

International Business Times reported at the end of December that ISIS went on a “killing spree” after the fall of Ramadi, with the mass execution of civilians and revenge attacks. The article mentioned the reported execution of 30 fighters who fled the battle of Ramadi.

Meanwhile, back in Ramadi, the UK Daily Mail reports that ISIS militants are still present in the city, but have been pushed back to the eastern suburbs. However, most of the city remains off-limits to its half-million displaced residents, as bomb disposal teams work to clean up ISIS booby traps.


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