**Live Wire** Jihad in Orlando: How Can We Prevent Another Pulse Massacre?


Breitbart News presents live coverage of the aftermath of the jihadist Omar Mateen’s massacre at Orlando’s Pulse night club. Two days after the largest terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, debates rage over immigration from Islamic-majority nations and expanded gun control.

All times Eastern Standard Time.


Top developments:

• FL Gov. ckck Scott: ‘Don’t send refugees into my state’
• Police under fire for three-hour wait before entering the building
BOMBSHELL REPORT: Mateen’s wife drove him to the club and was present when he bought guns, ammo… didn’t report to law enforcement but “tried to talk him out of it”
• Obama angrily mocks GOP criticizing him for failing to name ‘
radical Islam’ as the enemy
Report: Disney notified FBI that Mateen & wife may have been casing the location in April
• Survivor said Mateen told police he was killing so that America would ‘stop bombing his country’


10:33 PM — Sanders, Clinton leaving after meeting:

10:30 PM — Trump also says Clinton is “wacky” and doesn’t have the temperament to be president. Trump also says Obama treats Israel “so badly.” He also calls on Muslims in the United States to turn in known radicals/terrorists:

10:25 PM — On Fox News, Trump again hammers Clinton for her hypocrisy, saying she takes millions from countries where people throw gay people off of buildings. Trump again mentions that second- and third-generation Muslims aren’t assimilating and there is a percentage of people in the country who want to do what the Orlando terrorist did.

10:02 PM — The Orlando terrorist reportedly had been watching ISIS beheading videos and other ISIS propaganda.

9:35 PM — Sanders, Clinton having their meeting in D.C.

9:25 PM — Orlando terrorist reportedly checked his Facebook page while carrying out attacks and pledging allegiance to ISIS.

8:42 PM — On CNN, David Gergen says Trump has a point arguing that Obama doesn’t refer to radical Islam. He mentions that President Reagan called the Soviet Union the “Evil Empire.” Gergen said he thought he shouldn’t have but “in the end, he was right because it clarified what we were against and what we were fighting.” Gergen says when we are facing evil, you should’t be afraid to call it what it is.

8:30 PM — Clinton projected to win D.C. primary.

8:00 PM — Polls in Washington, D.C. for the Dem. primary have closed.

7:55 PM — Multiple survivors think the Orlando terrorist didn’t act alone. At least two survivors have said that the terrorist claimed there were snipers outside ready to shoot at police and was calling possible accomplices. One survivor tells CNN that there’s “no way” he acted alone and the terrorist said there were people outside holding the doors so some people couldn’t get out. She says there may have been a “white male” who was with the Orlando terrorist. She says the Orlando terrorist yelled “Allahu Akbar.” One survivor told ABC right after the attacks that the shooter said there were four accomplices:

7:51 PM — Not as much as Obama. Doesn’t seem as “personal.”

7:49 PM — Hillary Clinton’s social media director:

7:45 PM — Just like in San Bernardino:

7:38 PM: Trump says he doesn’t know if our country will ever come back if Clinton becomes president. He says we can’t be “politically correct” when what’s happening to our country is “devastating.”

7:20 PM – Rolling Stone joins the left-wing chorus in calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment:

7:15 PM — “We need borders,” Trump says, pointing out that without borders, there is no country. He is about to read “The Snake” again:

7:10 PM — Trump says Clinton “sort of” used “radical Islamic terrorism” and says we have a “radical Islamic problem.” Trump says after Obama’s speech, the only thing people thought was “boy, does he hate Trump.” Trump laments the lack of assimilation (The Orlando terrorist, who was born in America, referred to Afghanistan as “his country.”).

7:09 PM — Michelle Obama on Orlando terror attack:

7:06 PM — Trump says because Clinton is no friend of women and LGBT Americans because she is taking millions from countries that oppress LGBT folks and women.

7:04 PM — Trump says many immigrants from Muslim nations are hostile toward gays, women and those who believe in other religions. “How does this type of immigration make our country better?” Trump asks. “We’ve had enough. We’ve all had enough.”

7:03 PM — Trump says that political correctness is deadly. Trump says Obama today was “more angry at me than the shooter.”

“That’s the kind of anger that he should have for the shooters and the killers who shouldn’t be here” Trump says. 

7:02 PM — Trump says a “radical Islamic terrorist” killed at least 49 people in America. Trump says Clinton “plays the woman card more than any human being than I have seen in my life.” He says he is not even sure women like her and points out that Clinton has taken at least $25 million from countries that treat women horribly and kill gays. Trump calls on Bill and Hillary Clinton to give back the $25 million from those countries. Trump says the children of Muslim immigrants are responsible for a “growing number of attacks.”

7:01 PM — Trump says Clinton is “weak” and “ineffective.” Trump says Clinton wants 550% more refugees. “We don’t know who they are and where they are coming from,” Trump says. He adds that the refugees are being “snuck into certain communities” and even the governors don’t know who is coming in and where they are coming from.

7:00: PM– THE KING (Richard Petty) endorses Trump and is at Trump’s North Carolina event.

6:56 PM — In North Carolina, Trump says “we’re going to put our country over the top” and “make our country great again.”

6:55 PM — These people just don’t give up.

6:35 PM — Grand Jury reportedly called for Orlando terrorist’s wife:

6:33 PM — Mainstream media or Dem. rapid response?

6:30 PM — Orlando terrorist reportedly placed a call to someone else he knew while inside night club:

6:25 PM — GLAAD’s response to Orlando terror attacks:

6:15 PM — Ex-coworker of Orlando terrorist says he seemed to take pride in being able to carry out a “surprise attack.”


6:11 PM — Obama, French President Hollande discuss terror attacks, send condolences:

6:10 PM — Obama still hasn’t called Florida Gov.

6:00 PM — Typical career politician:

5:45 PM — Mainstream media reporters like Chuck Todd really really really don’t want this to be an act of Islamic terrorism. He asks a leading question to Rep. Peter King (R-NY) on “MTP Daily,” saying that the terrorist was “mentally unstable or closeted.” He asks if this terror attack is “less and less looking like something directed from overseas.” King doesn’t take the premise of the question and says he wouldn’t “minimize” the threat of radical Islam like that. He says ISIS has a way of inspiring mentally unstable people.

5:35 PM — Orlando mass shooting not deadliest on American soil:

5:25 PM — Last night on Fox News, Trump criticized Obama for not having “more anger” after terrorist attacks (Obama showing much more anger over Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslims):

5:20 PM — Funny how nearly every other mainstream reporter gleefully focusing on how a similar percentage of Americans were bothered by Trump’s comments about Judge Curiel:

5:18: PM — Establishment Republicans(even consultants like Weaver who worked for Democrats) seem to really, really want Trump to fail and Clinton elected:

5:16 PM — Americans trust Trump on terrorism more than Clinton:

Clinton, though, holds a 12-point lead in one national poll (presidents aren’t elected via national popular vote):

5:13 PM — Orlando terrorist’s father reportedly called him “gay” in front of his ex-wife:

5:12 PM — Disney donates $1 million to OneOrlando fund to assist those affected by the terror attack:

5:10 PM — Trump set to speak in North Carolina later tonight:


5:01 PM — RNC Chair Reince Priebus blasts “insensitive” and “reprehensible” Senate Democrats/Harry Reid for using the Orlando tragedy raise money:

4:59 PM — Attorney General Lynch railing against “voices that prey on fear.”

4:52 PM — Kasich says he is not for a Muslim ban, “but I’m not here to talk about Donald Trump.”

4:50 PM — Mainstream media lauding Paul Ryan for distancing himself from Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration:

4:45 PM — Mexico official fired after he said “too bad” 100 gay/lesbian people didn’t die in Orlando:

4:39 PM — This witness’s comments after the shooting about how the Orlando terrorist said he was the “fourth shooter” and had a female accomplice who may have had a “bombing vest” are more interesting in light of today’s news about the terrorist’s wife potentially facing criminal charges.


4:37 PM — Orlando terrorist posted “Now taste the Islamic state vengeance” on day of attack:

4:35 PM — Team Clinton trying to label Trump as a “one-trick pony.”


4:17 PM — Walmart gunman who was shot dead this afternoon in Texas reportedly left a note in Arabic in his car. Authorities are classifying the incident as “workplace violence.”


4:15 PM — Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) showing his establishment GOP true colors.

4:10 PM —

4:01 PM — Four-star accommodations… on a security guard’s salary? Was someone bankrolling his trips to Saudi Arabia?

Orlando gunman Omar Mateen’s two trips to Saudi Arabia, one of which was a pricey package that included four-star accommodations and fancy meals, were highly unusual and may have been cover for terror training, according to experts.

The FBI is piecing together Mateen’s radical Islam roots, and the trips to Saudi Arabia could be a sign of his growing religious devotion. His stated reason for both the 2011 and 2012 trips was umrah, a Muslim pilgrimage to the Kingdom that is not as significant as the hajj, a trip all Muslims must make to Mecca at least once in their lives. Either or both of the trips could also have included a side trip.

“It’s not cheap to do so and people that young usually don’t go twice,” said Adnan Khan, former leader of the Council of Pakistan-American Affairs. “And especially considering he appeared not to have come from a staunchly religious background.”

3:59 PM — Trump on Hannity’s radio show.

3:58 PM —

3:55 PM — 

3:53 PM — Another left-winger, Roland Martin, sees through NBC’s spin.

3:51 PM — John Bolton responds to Obama: “he won’t acknowledge the existence of the ideology… because if he did, it would require a totally different strategy.”

3:47 PM — Don’t forget it!

3:43 PM — The never-ending “who is the bigger victim?” hot take war.


3:42 PM —

3:35 PM — Ugh.

3:34 PM — Daily Beast/CNN contributor seeing past NBC’s spin.

3:34 PM — New from the FBI:

The FBI has told members of the LGBT community it will pursue accounts that the Orlando nightclub shooter was partially motivated by internal conflict over his own sexuality, the Guardian has learned.

A conference call held late Monday pulled together representatives from the FBI and departments of justice and homeland security with 358 civil-rights-minded leaders, particularly from the LGBT and American Muslim groups, a senior US official told the Guardian, to share information and hear concerns from communities reeling from one of the worst incidents of gun violence in recent US history.

3:31 PM — 

3:29 PM — FBI source tells NY Times, regarding Mateen’s wife: “We don’t know what’s true and what’s not.”

3:26 PM — For more context on the former elementary school teacher:

3:23 PM — 

3:08 PM — 

2:57 PM — From Edwin Mora of Breitbart:

“[Omar’s father Siddique Mateen] served as a director and vice president” of the mosque attended by his son, which authorities describe as a “breeding ground” for jihadists, reports CounterJihad, a component of the Center for Security Policy.

2:52 PM — Details on Orlando fire from local newscaster.

Source at Universal tells me the fire is in an empty lot where they were storing equipment for the new Volcano Bay attraction. Started as a 6ft fire and then ignited into the massive blaze. Contact predicts $2-3million dollars worth of rides destroyed, but they will better asses the situation when fire is out. Says the fiberglass on the rides helped fuel the flames.

2:51 PM — 

2:50 PM — Fire looking contained.


2:46 PM — Elementary school teacher says Mateen’s father told the young boy he did not have to listen to women.

Omar Mateen’s elementary school teacher did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation. She says Mateen is a student that left a lasting impression on the entire staff at Mariposa Elementary and not a good one.

“The whole staff was concerned about him. I can honestly say of all my students there were 2 that I knew they were going to grow up to hurt someone. The ground work was done with the family. We did not get support from his father. ”

She went on to say his father often told Omar that he did not have to listen to women. This created a barrier for the staff predominately comprised of woman to help a child they say they knew early on had a tendency to be violent and would often lash out.

2:45 PM — Wider angle.


2:42 PM — Aerial view of the fire.

Barack Obama

2:39 PM — Local news: fire is “at an apparent construction site.”

2:37 PM — First videos.


2:31 PM — Closer picture.

2:26 PM — Large plume of smoke visible in Orlando. Identified by some on social media as Universal Studio Theme Park.



2:20 PM — Update from the father. Spoiler alert: he knows nothing!

“I can’t say what she knew, when they last talked or what they talked about,” Seddique Mir Mateen said Tuesday of his daughter-in-law, Noor Salman.

Salman would not be giving interviews anytime soon but a “family apology” would be forthcoming in the near future, Seddique Mir Mateen said in an 11 a.m. interview at the front door of his Port St. Lucie home.

2:19 PM — 


2:15 PM — “Big rhetorical guns”… the day after Trump calls her out for just offering words to the victims. Sad!

2:12 PM — “Prayers don’t fix anything!” -angry celebrities on Twitter.

2:11 PM — Chilling: Mateen’s imam said he and his family “were maybe more aligned with American [sic] than us.”

2:08 PM — Curious.

2:03 PM — Lee Stranahan on gay conservatives’ reaction to the Pulse massacre:

Publisher and entrepreneur Jacob Engels will hold availability at 4:15pm at 1742 S. Orange Avenue to discuss the implications of the terrorist attack at Pulse Nightclub on the presidential election, what it means to gay conservatives, and how to move forward.

Mr. Engels will speak on behalf of thousands of gay conservatives who call Central Florida and Orlando their home.

“We must place the blame and responsibility of this heinous attack on Omar Mateen and anyone who aided or abetted his efforts,” he states.

“Hillary Clinton is not a friend of the LGBT community, and she must answer several questions about financial ties to oppressive foreign regimes and Islamic states that perpetrate acts of violence against gay men and women each and every day.”

For further comments and press availability, please call or text 231-360-1411.

2:01 PM — Official statement from Black Lives Matter blames “the anti-Black white supremacy, patriarchy and homophobia of  the conservative right”:

President Barack Obama pauses while speaking at the Treasury Department in Washington, Tuesday, June 14, 2016, following a meeting with his National Security Council to get updates on the investigation into the attack in Orlando, Florida and review efforts to degrade and destroy ISIL. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

President Barack Obama pauses while speaking at the Treasury Department in Washington, Tuesday, June 14, 2016, following a meeting with his National Security Council to get updates on the investigation into the attack in Orlando, Florida and review efforts to degrade and destroy ISIL. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

1:57 PM — New: FBI really dropped the ball on Mateen’s connection to first American suicide bomber in Syria.

The relationship between Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen and an American suicide bomber in Syria was much “deeper” than previously understood by federal investigators, according to a government source.

Fox News was told the relationship as well as the Mateen case in general are “very complex” but would not go further, citing the sensitivity of the FBI investigation and classified information. The source said the bomber’s return to Florida in 2013 is under fresh scrutiny as well.

FBI Director James Comey told reporters Monday a witness had identified Mateen to the FBI during their investigation of Abu-Salha and claimed Mateen was watching videos from the American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, an Al Qaeda terrorist targeted for death by the CIA in 2011.

1:55 PM — Mosque attendee contradicts imam, suckers lefty reporter.

1:53 PM — WH press sec now mocking calls to identify jihadists as people who take the Quran seriously:

1:51 PM — RNC responds to Obama’s address:

WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement in response to President Obama’s press conference on the terror attack in Orlando:

“The horrific attack in Orlando was the second act of radical Islamic terrorism inspired by ISIS to be carried out on our shores in six months. Let’s not forget: President Obama’s hasty and politically-driven withdrawal from Iraq, which Hillary Clinton supported, created the vacuum that enabled the rise of this terrorist group. Their failure to secure Libya after their military intervention gave ISIS a beachhead on another continent. Democrats want to talk about anything else because they have lost the national security debate.

“Nothing President Obama and Hillary Clinton are proposing in response to the Orlando terror attack would have prevented it, but they would infringe on Americans’ constitutional rights to due process and to own a gun. We should not make it harder for law-abiding Americans to defend themselves when radical Islamic terrorists are successfully launching attacks on U.S. soil. The terrorists win when they convince politicians they should take away our rights, and that is exactly what President Obama and Hillary Clinton are proposing.”

1:50 PM — Mateen’s father placing his hands on a photographer’s camera:

1:46 PM —

1:45 PM — Comfort dogs deployed to Orlando:

Mourners from all over the country have been showing support for the victims of the Orlando club shooting, and now reinforcement is being sent of the four-legged kind.

Gracie, a 5-year-old golden retriever, is a Lutheran Church Charity K-9 Comfort dog based out of Davenport, Iowa. She’s been specially trained to ease human suffering.

1:44 PM — Survivor in response to question from reporter:


1:42 PM — Carter: “I was begging God to take the soul out of my body” because of the pain from her gunshot wounds.

1:39 PM — Details on moments after police breached the wall:

1:38 PM —

1:36 PM — “Honestly, I don’t believe he could have pulled it off all by himself,” Carter says. Cites Mateen’s threats to the police that he had “snipers” outside.

1:32 PM — Says that Mateen told her “This isn’t about black people,” the reason was “his country.”


1:31 PM — “The reason he’s doing this [he says] is that he wants America to stop bombing his country.” Says Mateen began speaking in Arabic.

1:23 PM — Pulse massacre survivor from Philadelphia Patience Carter reading a poem she wrote about her experience — very vivid imagery about blood, debris, seeing the feet of the killer. “The guilt of being alive is heavy,” it concludes.

President Barack Obama pauses while speaking at the Treasury Department in Washington, Tuesday, June 14, 2016, following a meeting with his National Security Council to get updates on the investigation into the attack in Orlando, Florida and review efforts to degrade and destroy ISIL. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

1:17 PM — New York Daily News sees past NBC spin.

1:15 PM — Get ready for a HOT TAKE! dressed up as news…

1:06 PM — Guardian hot takes are not disappointing today:

In the aftermath of Orlando, hard-edged religious conservatives are facing a dilemma. How can they call for a redoubled assault on “radical Islam” without drawing attention to their own homophobic history?

1:02 PM — Police cancel Milo’s talk tonight thanks to Islamist threats.







12:53 PM — Updates from reporter with law enforcement source:

12:52 PM — Report: Mateen’s wife facing arrest.

12:51 PM — It’s like that SNL “Really!?!” Weekend Update bit, just by, um, the leader of the free world.

12:48 PM — CNBC, Fox contributors seeing past the NBC spin:


12:41 PM — Obama praising diversity of a graduating class of cadets.

12:40 PM — Obama says his critics are a threat to Constitutional liberties, the rule of law, etc.

12:37 PM — After a rabbit trail on gun control, Obama spends the lion’s share of his address attacking Donald Trump — first, the criticism of his refusal to say “radical Islam.” Now the proposal to halt immigration from Muslim nations.

Obama has gotten very sarcastic and snippy — called criticism of him “yappin'” and blasted “politicians who tweet and appear on cable news shows.”

Critics say “we can’t beat ISIL unless we call them ‘radical Islamists.’ What, exactly, would using this label accomplish?”

“Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away. This is a political distraction.”

Terror hawks want to make this “a war between Islam and America or between Islam and the West.”

12:28 PM — Obama’s update on the Orlando terror attack is a victory lap against the Islamic State. Says the jihadist network is “losing ground,” “on defense,” and “their morale is sinking.”

11:53 AM — AUDIO from Breitbart News Daily this morning:

Erik Prince: Trump Is Right, ‘There’s No Vetting’ of Syrian Refugees

Milo On Breitbart News Daily: Islam Has ‘Contempt And Loathing’ For Gays

11:52 AM — NBC’s spin already collapsing.

11:38 AM — Reporter asks doctors about the process of buying firearms. Top-notch journalism.

11:37 AM — RIP.

11:36 AM — Figures from hospital:

11:35 AM — NBC News is pushing the “tried to talk him out of it” talking point at the top of all their coverage.

That is not the story. The story is that she could have prevented the massacre by talking to law enforcement and she did not.

11:30 AM — NBC: Police considering filing charges against Mateen’s wife.

11:29 AM — Colon is asked whether he had seen Mateen before at the club and says that he had not personally.

11:27 AM — Video from Angel Colon’s remarks:

Orlando Shooting Survivor Recounts Attack

Orlando shooting survivor recounts attack: "I’m thinking 'I’m next, I’m dead.' I don’t know how, but by the glory of God he shoots toward my head but it hits my hand."

Posted by ABC News Politics on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

11:18 AM — And more.

11:16 AM — With three hours to bleed out, no one will be.

11:15 AM — Curiously omitted from this new detail: did she report him to authorities?

11:12 AM — Why isn’t this woman in jail?

11:10 AM — That figure of “202 rounds fired overall” just gets more and more implausible.

11:08 AM — Obama will be in Orlando Thursday to counter all the truth bombs dropped by Milo Yiannopoulos tonight.

11:04 AM — Doctor says staff encountered”full gamut” of gunshot wounds — high caliber, low caliber, extremities, abdomen. One odd note: some were from an angle indicating the victims were shot “from below.”

11:03 AM — Always with those mis-translations.

10:59 AM — Hospital staff says that victims were transported quickly thanks to their proximity but that meant workers did not have much time to prepare, and the facility was already a high-activity site. However, worker after worker who was not scheduled to work that night volunteered to show up and help.

10:58 AM — AP interview with Pulse regular: “He was trying to pick up men.”

10:46 AM — Survivor Angel Colon speaking at press conference says that Mateen was shooting bodies on the floor to confirm his kills. Says that miraculously, he was shot in the hand and the hip instead of the head.

<> on June 12, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

<> on June 12, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

10:40 AM — Another interview from the Washington Post. Survivor says the active shooting lasted “about an hour” and that she was “flipping out” at the police:

The men said that police arrived within minutes, and that the shooting lasted about an hour. Authorities said Mateen called 911 and the scene turned into a hostage negotiation.

As McCoy waited for word of her friends outside, she grew furious at the Orlando police.

“I was flipping out on the cops,” she said, telling them to go inside and rescue people who had been shot.

10:24 AM —

10:23 AM — They can’t spin it much.

10:22 AM — What.

Evidence is building from a variety of sources that Orlando jihadi Omar Mateen, who murdered 49 people at gay nightclub Pulse, was himself gay, or had “gay tendencies,” as his ex-wife put it. Strangely, the ex-wife claims FBI agents asked her not to share this detail with the media.

10:13 AM — A clearer picture of the night emerges — NYTimes interviews a survivor who played dead in the bathroom while Mateen carried out his rampage.

Orlando said he never looked Mr. Mateen in the eye, but recalled his calm voice. At one point, after noticing that some of the hostages in the bathroom were texting, the gunman ordered them to surrender their phones.

He spoke again, according to Orlando, asking the hostages, “Are you guys black?”

“He said, ‘I don’t have an issue with the blacks,’” Orlando said.

Early in the siege, the gunman called 911 to pledge his allegiance to the Islamic State, Chief Mina said.

“He was cool and calm when he was making those phone calls to us,” he said.

Orlando could hear the gunman speaking on the phone, presumably to the police. He spoke about how America should stop bombing the Islamic State.

“He got mad and hung up,” Orlando said. He never heard Mr. Mateen mention gay people — he spoke only about the Islamic State and Syria, and about the damage he still intended to do.

10:01 AM — Too many takes!

9:59 AM — 

9:57 AM — Hottest take yet.

<> on June 12, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

<> on June 12, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

9:53 AM — Pretty damning report from NBC. Law enforcement experts say the three-hour police wait definitely led to more deaths.

The decision by law enforcement to hold off on entering the Pulse club — where more than 100 people were shot, 49 of them killed — immediately raised questions among experts in police tactics. They said the lessons learned from other mass shootings show that officers must get inside swiftly — even at great risk — to stop the threat and save lives.

“We live in a different world. And action beats inaction 100 percent of the time,” said Chris Grollnek, an expert on active-shooter tactics and a retired police officer and SWAT team member.

Grollnek, a consultant who conducts active-shooter training for law enforcement, said that’s another lesson from other mass shootings: Civilians can’t expect to stay safe by heeding the old advice to hide or shelter in place.

“The problem is we’re failing to evolve by learning the lesson that hiding does not work,” he said. “Running works. Everyone who escapes to tell their story says, ‘I ran away. I heard a noise on my left, and I went to my right and I got out.'”

9:45 AM — Response to the attack breaks a GoFundMe record:

A crowdfunding campaign to support the Orlando Pulse shooting victims and their families has pulled in more than $3 million.

The campaign is GoFundMe largest ever, dwarfing the previous record of just over $2 million. The charity site was started in 2010.

Equality Florida, the largest LGBT rights group in the state, posted the GoFundMe fundraisershortly after a gunman killed 49 people and injured dozens more at a gay club in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history Sunday morning. An earlier death toll of 50, released by officials, had included the gunman.

By Tuesday morning, more than 69,000 people had made contributions. That included a $100,000 donation from GoFundMe, which essentially waived its transaction fee.

9:39 AM — Rep. Michael McCaul frets that Trump may be recruiting terrorists with his scary rhetoric!

The proposed ban on Muslim immigrants had already been rejected by Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and the overwhelming majority of Republicans in Congress. But House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said again he wouldn’t support it, and that he had no interest in seeing it get a vote.

“You don’t ban somebody on race [or] religion,” McCarthy said. “I don’t see that coming to the floor.”


Hill Republicans expressed concern over everything from the tone of Trump’s remarks to their substantive impact.

“I think you have to be a little careful with the rhetoric,” Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said of Trump’s renewed call for a ban on Muslim immigrants. “You don’t want to inflame or help the recruiting efforts.”

9:36 AM — Catherine Herridge says on Fox News that James Comey, behind closed doors, more explicitly said that playing the Islamophobia card made the FBI back off its investigation of Mateen. Via the Daily Caller:

“At the end of 10 months the investigation was closed with no further action. They took Mateen’s statements he was trying to taunt his coworkers because he thought he was being marginalized because of his Muslim faith.”

9:24 AM — Oh.

9:22 AM — From Frances Martel: Video of the Univision reporter that went into Mateen’s house getting attacked by a giant cockroach and taking it in stride.

9:21 AM — 

9:07 AM — Gov. Rick Scott: “Don’t send refugees into my state.”

Florida Governor Rick Scott (R), speaking near the scene of the slaying, said Tuesday that investigators were working diligently to sort out what happened and why. He said he had been focused on talking to victims’ family members. He did not offer any new details on the status of the investigation.

Scott also called for the federal government to share more information with their state counterparts in the wake of the shooting. While he did not specify how more sharing of information might have prevented the massacre, Scott said it was broadly important that federal officials share what they learn with local law enforcement — especially in immigration or refugee cases.

He referenced the recent attacks in Paris, noting that in the wake of those, he told the federal government, “Look, until you can tell me how you’re going to vet people, don’t send refugees into my state.”

9:03 AM — 

8:52 AM — New left-wing narrative emerging.



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