Muslim Pilot Flew MH370 into Ocean

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This story originally appeared at The Guardian.

A section of wing from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 shows evidence it was extended upon landing, suggesting a rogue pilot brought it down, an air crash expert says.

World expert air crash investigator Larry Vance believes no other theory can explain the fate of the doomed aircraft.

“Somebody was flying the airplane into the water,” he told Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes program on Sunday.

The Australian search has been based on the theory the jet was not under human control when it crashed with 239 people on board, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on 8 March 2014, after it inexplicably veered off course and headed south over the Indian Ocean.

Vance believes a small section of wing, called the flaperon, found a year ago off the coast of Madagascar, shows “definite evidence” it was extended at the time of landing – and the extending can only be activated by a person.

The failure to find floating debris could also be explained by a slow, controlled landing, he said.

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