Thailand: At Least One Dead, 10 Injured as Two Bombs Explode at Tourist Hotspot

Matichon Online
Washington, D.C.

At least one person was killed and at least 12 others injured, including foreigners, when two bombs went off at a tourist hotspot in Thailand.

According to the local Bangkok Post, at least teen were killed in the Hua Hin resort. It cites BBC as reporting, “the bombs were hidden in plant pots 50 metres apart and detonated by mobile phones half an hour of each other.” Terrorists often use two bombs in order to lure in first responders, to then kill them using the second bomb.

Matichon reports that 23 have been taken into the hospital with injuries so far.

On Twitter, Edwin Wiek, who is apparently at the scene, wrote: “Police of #Huahin denies any death till now. At least 10 injured, 6 badly. #BombIt is not know whether any British tourists are among those injured.”
Citing local eye-witnesses, he added that at least one foreign man who was with his wife and child “badly injured”, with bones sticking out of his legs.
The British tabloid Express claims the number of injured is currently up to 12; Thai sources place that number at 15.
Thai news sources have begun to post photos and videos from the scene, as well as images from the local hospital of victims following the attack.

No terrorist group has taken responsibility for the bombing yet.