Model Arrested After Leaping from Sixth Floor of Dubai Hotel to Escape Attacker

Model Arrested After Leaping from Sixth Floor of Dubai Hotel to Escape Attacker
Ekaterina Stetsyuk/screenshot

Ekaterina Stetsyuk broke her back in an attempt to escape a U.S. businessman who she claims tried to rape and murder her at knifepoint.

The 22-year-old Russian model fell six stories but survived the fall only to be taken into custody at the hospital in which she is currently struggling to recover. She has told friends and relatives that a knife was held against her throat after the as-yet-unidentified businessman grabbed her by the neck.

The alleged perpetrator of the attack, however, claims that her desperate attempt at escape was somehow the end result of Stetsyuk attacking him. Meanwhile, “Katya” Stetsyuk’s mother, Inge, is speaking out. Against the advice of her consulate, she told reporters that she “[does] not know whom [she] can trust.”

“The attack took place on March 3,” she said. “A man, a foreigner, attacked Katya, grabbed her neck and put a knife at her throat. My daughter tried to save her life, she had to jump from the sixth floor. She has serious injuries, she can’t walk.” Then, “Katya (Ekaterina) called and said she would be taken to jail. They want to make her guilty.”

Meanwhile, Inge has had to reassert that her daughter was in Dubai on a modeling contract, after social media suggested that she was there as a sex industry escort. Of course, such claims could “cause [Ekaterina] more trouble.”

“The laws are different there,” Inge said. “We are worried about the development of this situation.” Now, the young woman faces “expensive surgery and further rehabilitation.” In a plea for funds to assist them during this time, they have asked that “all sympathetic people” merely “give her a chance to recover.”

The man who allegedly attacked Ekaterina was caught at the airport, trying to flee Dubai. If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison. While his allegations continue to keep the young woman legally detained in her hospital bed, there is good news. Friend Irina Grossman said that “she survived by a miracle. Her spine is broken, several vertebra were crushed. She cannot walk or move by herself, but doctors are giving good forecasts because her spinal chord is intact.”

For now, all that Ekaterina, her family, and her friends can do is wait and see.


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