Iran Offers Scholarships to Pro-Hamas American College Students, Jobs to Professors

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Shiraz University, a public institution in Iran, announced it would offer scholarships and jobs to American college students and professors facing disciplinary action for participating in violent pro-terrorist actions at home, the state-run Iranian propaganda site PressTV reported on Wednesday.

American campuses are facing a wave of violent activity most demonstrably characterized by “liberated zones” in which students and outsiders erect tent communities in the heart of campuses, disrupting activities at the universities and threatening students not participating.

The protests are meant to show solidarity with the Gaza Strip, the embattled Mideast region currently governed by the Iran-backed terrorist organization Hamas.

Hamas triggered a regional crisis by invading Israel from Gaza on October 7, engaging in widespread crimes against humanity in residential communities. Hamas terrorists paraglided into Israel and rampaged through neighborhoods in the early morning hours of the day, killing entire families in their homes, gang-raping any women they found, mutilating and killing children as young as infants, and desecrating the corpses of the deal.

The terrorists killed an estimated 1,200 people and abducted another 250, of which about 130 are believed to remain in terrorist captivity today.

In response to the October 7 atrocities, and in an attempt to ensure Hamas cannot repeat them, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) declared war on Hamas on October 8 and began a self-defense operation in Gaza intended to dismantle the intricate terrorist infrastructure that Hamas had constructed there, using hospitals, schools, and other civilian institutions as cover. Hamas has governed Gaza for nearly two decades and relies on heavy cash flows from Iran to maintain its weapons arsenal and keep a stranglehold on the civilian population there.

Leftists on American campuses have embraced the Hamas cause, chanting genocidal anti-Jewish slogans such as “from the river to the sea/Palestine will be free” and attacking journalists seeking to cover their illegal encampments. In response, the head of Shiraz University, Mohammad Moazzeni, invited the violent activists to consider his institution.

“Students and even professors who have been expelled or threatened with expulsion can continue their studies at Shiraz University and I think that other universities in Shiraz as well as Fars Province are also prepared [to provide the conditions],” Moazzeni said, PressTV reported on Wednesday.

Moazzeni made his invitation during an event meant to show solidarity with the American leftists in Fars province, where Shiraz is located. The university leader claimed that the U.S. government, not the protesters, was responsible for “a lot of violence” against the “raging” pro-Hamas movement.

“They exert a lot of violence in order to contain this raging movement and have even threatened to expel the students from universities and hinder their employment in the future,” Moazzeni said, “and such autocratic methods show the decline of global arrogance.”

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The “supreme leader” of Iran, dictator Ali Khamenei, similarly showed solidarity with the violent American campus movement in remarks on Wednesday alongside teachers. Iran is marking “National Teachers’ Day” on Wednesday, coinciding with the communist “International Workers’ Day” holiday.

“Nations have become sensitive to the Gaza issue as it is the world’s top one. We should not allow this issue to be removed from the world’s public opinion, and pressure must increase on the Zionist regime day by day,” Khamenei reportedly said in an address to the teachers.

Khamenei went on to defend the protesters on American campuses directly.

“Look at how the Americans and the relevant bodies in the country are dealing with verbal opposition to Israel,” the ayatollah said. “The students of US universities did not vandalize anything, did not shout destructive slogans, did not kill anyone, did not set fire to any place, did not break any glass; [but] this is how they are being treated.”

In reality, student leftists have committed widespread acts of property damage – including specifically breaking glass – and have attacked people in the vicinity of protests. At Columbia University, three janitors accused the students of holding them hostage this week while a mob “shattered windows, barricaded doors using tables and chairs, and obscured the windows of the facility.”

On Tuesday night, Columbia University allowed the NYPD to raid the campus to remove the violent protesters, prompting protesters to smash glass doors and commit other violent acts in response. The university issued a statement emphasizing the removing the pro-Hamas encampment was necessary for the safety of the campus community.

“After the University learned overnight that Hamilton Hall had been occupied, vandalized, and blockaded, we were left with no choice,” the statement read. “Columbia public safety personnel were forced out of the building, and a member of our facilities team was threatened. We will not risk the safety of our community or the potential for further escalation.”

At the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA), a student mob assaulted Breitbart News reporter Joel Pollak for attempting to report on the pro-Hamas encampment there.

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Joel B. Pollak / Breitbart News

Khamenei reportedly also used the Teachers’ Day occasion to tout the “rightfulness” of the Iranian regime slogan “death to America” and to demand the eradication of Jews from Israel, claiming the land should “return to its original owners.”

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