Arab League Hopeful Doha Summit to Strongly Support Palestinian Cause

Cairo, March 08 (QNA) – The Arab League has underlined the significance of the upcoming Arab summit in Doha, hoping it will give strong and proper support for the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people’s struggle, and that it will take effective decisions regarding the Israeli aggression on sanctities and Arab land.

Mohamed Sobeih, Arab League assistant secretary-general for Palestine affairs, made the remarks ahead of the summit, which takes place on March 27-28. Commenting on an expected visit by U.S. officials to the region, Sobeih said "we do not want the past negative stances of the U.S. administration."

He criticized the American reluctance to stop Israel’s settlement activity, adding that the American position towards Palestine’s U.N. bid was not consistent with the U.S. as a permanent Security Council member. "Membership of the Security Council is about maintaining international peace and security. Denying the rights of the Palestinian people is a denial of peace and security at the same time."

Sobeih urged the U.S. administration to take a serious position to implement international law and international resolutions, and to save the Middle East from the new racism that "came close or surpassed that of South Africa before the end of the racist rule."

He stressed the necessity of ending Palestinian division and concluding the national reconciliation, noting that its conclusion is not linked to the expected visit of U.S. President Barack Obama to the region.

The Arab League official urged Arab financial support for the Palestinian people as the international community’s failure to realize the rights of Palestinians continues. (QNA)


QNA 1756 GMT 2013/03/08


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