'The Light of Day' Exposes the Green Movement's Roots in Tyranny



This book, by emerging author James Byrd, paints a telling portrait of the true agenda of the Green Movement. It successfully exposes the underlying agenda of collective power in the hands of the State; at the expense of the individual. Mr. Byrd creates a world of dynamic characters, their interrelations, and the societies in which they are cast. It is a powerful first book, by an author who has a firm grasp of the way in which an oppressive government uses propaganda and fear to control the general population. The Light of Day is the story of Jeff O’Hara and his struggle for personal freedom and the realization that the things most worth having sometimes require the greatest sacrifice.

From the first paragraph, the reader is thrust into the O’Hara family dynamic.

Old Man O’Hara comes from a time before The World Consortium forced the people of the earth into a subterranean existence, where some never experience the simple pleasure of feeling sunlight on their skin. Those who live in the lower levels never have the opportunity to see the sky, even through the barrier of an observation window. It is a world of grime and florescent lighting, where people don’t care about their surroundings. The bleak artificial nature of their world has deprived them of a sense of accomplishment and the desire to maintain their surroundings. The concept of individuality is virtually nonexistent.

Jeff is the grandson of Old Man O’Hara. He is inquisitive, headstrong, and intelligent. Because these are all qualities discouraged by the collective, Jeff soon finds himself at odds with his situation. A conflict between his grandfather and the guards who grant access to the surface leads to Jeff’s determination to escape the oppressive environment of his birth. Subsequent events lead to Jeff’s banishment to a prison compound and his personal quest for Liberty. Through the kindness of others and his own strength of character, Jeff escapes and joins up with The Revolution of which he had heard rumors.

The Light of Day is a must read for anyone who is concerned with the veracity and motives of the modern environmental movement. The reader will find themselves cast into a world that may not be far off, where the needs of the individual are superseded by the ‘virtues’ of nature. It is a gripping first novel and a testament to the integrity of the human spirit.

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