NPA-SEIU Terrorizes Child, Breaks Laws – What Did President Obama Know And When Did He Know It?


Writing for, Nina Easton relays her first-hand account of the uncivil disobedience and “mob”tactics exhibited by SEIU and the National People’s Action (NPA), as they terrorized a teenage child in his own home.

Baer’s teenage son Jack — alone in the house — locked himself in the bathroom. “When are they going to leave?” Jack pleaded when I called to check on him.

Liberty Chick has covered this SEIU-NPA attack-action here, and Huffington Post wrote a disgusting whitewash of the mob’s behavior:

Passersby and dogwalkers smiled at the sight of people gathered all over Baer’s lawn and blocking the road.

SEIU and NPA also loudly stormed into bank buildings, occupying and shutting down their lobbies. How much would you like being in one of those bank lobbies during an SEIU-NPA Progressive Democrat hijacking of the property? How is anyone supposed to know that the loud angry mob coming through the front door isn’t there to rob it, or worse yet, burn it down?

Just an aside – isn’t it against Federal law to purposely shut down the normal operation of Federally insured banking institutions? Or is that sort of thing being encouraged now?

This is all a part of an ongoing campaign which SEIU and NPA have titled “Showdown In America.”

This series of protests began as far back as last year, and the timeline leading up to these recent, potentially law-breaking mob activities add some critical context to these ugly developments.

January 2009October 2009: SEIU’s Andrew Stern visits the White House extremely frequently and meets with many Obama administration officials.

October 2009: SEIU-NPA holds street action protests in Chicago against the American Banking Association.

October 2009: SEIU-NPA protest outside the home of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

November 2009: SEIU’s Andrew Stern visits the White House frequently and meets with many Obama administration officials (No further visitor data is available after January 31, 2010.)

November 2009: SEIU-NPA Showdown DC: Goldman Sachs, Treasury.

March 2010: SEIU-NPA ShowMe State Showdown.

April 2010: Andrew Stern retires from SEIU.

April 2010: SEIU-NPA Showdown on Wells Fargo.

April 2010: SEIU-NPA Showdown on Wall Street.

May 2010: SEIU-NPA terrorize a teenage boy home alone, and possibly break Federal laws by storming into banks, taking over their lobbies and shutting down their businesses.

Are the American people expected to believe that over the course of these several working visits to the White House that the subject of the street mob actions Andrew Stern’s union was sponsoring and coordinating never once came up?

Unfortunately, there are no alleged reporters in all of the Washington press corps who are either smart or curious enough to ask the President what the American people are to believe about the appearance of the Administration coordinating with unions to intimidate private citizens in their homes, terrorize their children, and break federal laws by organizing mobs to occupy and shut down bank buildings.

If the Executive branch of the government were conspiring with any group to break the laws of this nation, would that be grounds for impeachment, if not a few questions on the subject?

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