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The Tea Is Brewed: Gateway Grassroots Initiative


Today the grassroots movement in St. Louis takes a leap forward with the launch of the Gateway Grassroots Initiative. This is the next wave of local activism in Saint Louis. The time for rallies has passed, it’s time to get on with the work of conservative activism.

We are looking for conservatives who want to stand up and get active in their communities. The centerpiece of GGI is The Initiative Project. It is an effort to get individuals to take personal responsibility for their lives and communities. We want the grassroots to self-source the direction of their movement. GGI is not an organization dedicated to telling grassroots activists what to do. It exists to facilitate grassroots action. We have five levels of initiative: Individual, Local, Regional, State, and National, and we are looking for ideas at every level. Initiatives will begin rolling out in the coming days, and weeks so keep your eyes out for how you can get involved.

Gateway Grassroots Initiative is organized around three core values, rooted in out country’s founding. They are: Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Markets. The Left fights not just a political war however, but also a cultural war. So must we. They understand that politics is downstream from popular culture. They know that if they control how a society understands itself, through, art, law, education, and religion, they can control that society. We must join that battle. We stand for the most radical idea in the history of political thought, that the rights of the individual are unalienable, that they are endowed by a Creator, and that those individual rights are the source of political sovereignty. We intend to make sure we live in a culture that reflects and embraces that belief. To do so, we will need the action and initiative of artists and creative individuals to create a culture reflective of our values.

You can read more about our mission, here.

Please visit for more information on this exciting new venture and help us take the initiative in 2012 and beyond.


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