NYC Occupy Smashes Starbucks, Shouts 'All Pigs Must Die'

NYC Occupy Smashes Starbucks, Shouts 'All Pigs Must Die'

We’ve told you in previous reports to expect the increasingly broke, desperate and nomadic Occupy movement to continue to make police the enemy and to make more flailing ‘direct actions’ in an attempt to stir up headlines. In New York City this weekend, they did not disappoint.

As The New York Times East Village Local reported…

Last night’s riotous atmosphere resulted in a sergeant and lieutenant suffering minor injuries while scuffling with anarchist protesters at the Astor Place Starbucks, the police said.

According to police, around 25 people tried smashing the windows of the cafe with eight-foot long steel pipes at around 8:45 p.m. after attending the Anarchist book fair earlier in the day. “Patrons fearing that they would be hit by flying glass hid under tables,” the police said in a statement. “Several” officers were assaulted with pipes and bottles, the police added.

As the news reports, the clash started after the Anarchist Book Fair. Lest you think this is mere coincidence, let’s take a quick look at some of the workshop offerings presented at the Fair — which advertises that they welcome children, by the way. So what was being taught at the Anarchist Book Fair prior to Saturday’s attack on a Starbucks and subsequent march calling the police pigs? Here’s a couple of the courses offered:

Occupy Anarchism; Commons Not Capitalism – Saturday, 12:45-2:15pm Think Coffee Basement

Cindy Milstein

As the do-it-ourselves occupations that have swept across the globe from Egypt to United States are proving, direct democracy and cooperation are becoming powerful everyday experiences for millions, with people self-organizing everything from civic defense and trash collection to tent encampments and general assemblies. This compelling and quirky, beautiful and at times messy experimentation has cracked open a window on history, affording us a rare chance to grow these uprisings into the new landscape of a caring, ecological, and egalitarian society–a world of our own collective making and doing. This talk will draw out some of the promise as well as dilemmas of the occupy moment, focusing specifically on the anticapitalst/antistatist opening of notions and lived practices of “the commons,” and then facilitate a conversation, in hopes of better strategizing toward increasingly expansive forms of freedom.


Food Justice for Anarchists, Come One, Come All! – Saturday 11-12:30pm Judson Garden Room

Alice, Ashley, David, J.”g.”J., and Lana

New York City is alive with projects and people working  toward a more sustainable, accessible, responsible, and delicious food  system. However, many groups operate within state, corporate, or  non-profit frameworks.

As anarchists, we must ask: what does it mean to work toward  food justice in a way that is non-hierarchical and anti- oppression? How do we build a better food system while nurturing community and  fighting the state and capitalism?  How can food be relevant in a  successful fight against gentrification?

You’ll also note that J.”g”J., listed as one of the panelists at Food Justice, was also scheduled to teach the following course on Sunday.

Self-defense and street combat for anarchists… – Sunday, 4:15-5:45pm Judson Assembly Room

J. “G.” J.

will provide a basic overview of offense and defense when dealing with recalcitrant fascists and / or pig police. We will deal with holds, strikes, traps and disarming techniques. No prior martial arts experience is necessary. The techniques are simple and effective, derived from the Yip family Wing Chun lineage (invented by a womyn, for wimmin and slight-bodied people). Anyone with experience, ideas and techniques of their own are welcome and encouraged to share! Come prepared to move, and preferably with someone you trust to work with. I try to make this as fun and non-triggering as possible!  *appropriate for teens.

It’s good to know that it’s appropriate for teens. It’s hard to find good leisure activities for today’s youth.

The NYT Village Local also reports what else happened on Saturday night.

According to police, part of the rowdy group — some of them masked — marched near Washington Square Park, chanting “cops are murderers” and “all pigs must die.” The crowd eventually grew to around 150, with some tipping garbage cans and spray painting anarchist symbols on buildings, the police said.

Remember that Andrew Breitbart was derided by the mainstream media for shouting “Behave yourself!” at the Occupy shock troops who were assaulting CPAC 2012, and Andrew was castigated for calling them ‘filthy animals’. Those same critics will, of course, be silent on the Black Block masked anarchists shouting “all pigs must die!”, breaking windows and spray painting New York City.

The Occupy movement is a nihilist attack on Western civilization, including the warm fuzzy organic white bread NPR eco-leftism of a modern American company like Starbucks. The radicals of Occupy see right through the mix of fair trade good intentions, acoustic guitar soul patch hipster design. and affluence-aspiring capitalism–and their answer was an eight foot long steel pipe  The gave-at-the-office latte drinking liberals aren’t able to donate their way out of the path of broken glass because, at their core, they romanticize these thugs the same way the J-School Occupy fetishists do.


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