The Life of a Real Julia (My Wife)

The Life of a Real Julia (My Wife)

The Obama campaign has released a new gimmick, called “The Life of Julia,” purporting to show how President Obama’s policies would help a hypothetical woman throughout her life, and how Mitt Romney’s would harm her. Well, here’s the life of a real Julia–my wife: immigrant, sailor, scholar, mother. Take a look at how President Obama’s policies harm one woman over her lifetime–and how Mitt Romney would change her story.

Under President Obama: Funds to assist pro-democracy and human rights groups in the developing world are cut. That means Julia, who is born in a country that denies her and her family civil and political rights, is denied equal access to basic public services. Under Mitt Romney: A foreign policy that is unashamed of freedom–and unafraid to pursue and defend it–promotes rights, democracy, and stability for people like Julia.

Under President Obama: A weak U.S. economy, and protectionist trade policies driven by Big Labor, weaken global growth and strengthen Chinese dominance of international trade. Factories close in Julia’s home country, impoverishing her community. Under Mitt Romney: A rapidly growing U.S. economy, with free trade and enforcement against Chinese infractions, creates jobs at home and among trading partners abroad.

Under President Obama: Unions push outdated federal immigration rules that prevent skilled immigrants from finding jobs in American industries where they are desired. As a result, Julia–who studied economics at Harvard–has potential job offers withdrawn. Under Mitt Romney: A sensible immigration policy, which secures our borders and places a premium on skilled legal immigrants, creates more jobs for immigrants–and everyone.

Under President Obama: Cuts to the defense budget–the only area of government that Obama is eager to slash–mean that people who join the U.S. military, like Julia, will have fewer opportunities for advancement as the military shrinks, ages, and weakens. Under Mitt Romney: Defense spending that keeps pace with our security needs and anticipates future threats maintains a strong military that retains its best volunteers.

Under President Obama: Middle-class families who want to improve their economic fortunes are discouraged by higher taxes aimed at “millionaires and billionaires” that hurt small businesses and young professionals, and limit Julia’s potential income. Under Mitt Romney: Real tax reform, that simplifies and flattens the tax system, will bring the government the revenue it needs while helping Julia and her family succeed.

Under President Obama: Unions that oppose meaningful public school reforms keep successful programs, such as vouchers, limited. That means Julia and her husband, who want their children to have the option of religious school, will struggle to afford it. Under Mitt Romney: Support for education vouchers and student-centered–not union-centered–schools will create better public and private options for Julia’s children.

Under President Obama: Julia and her husband, who are young and exercise daily, must spend thousands more on health insurance than they would otherwise need to, subsidizing a bloated Obamacare system that hurts the quality of care they receive. Under Mitt Romney: A repeal of Obamacare paves the way for real reform and a more competitive insurance market that lowers costs and increases quality for Julia’s family.

Under President Obama: Julia and her husband must pay into Medicare and Social Security each month, knowing that by the time they retire the funds will no longer be there, because President Obama has blocked any effort at entitlement reform. Under Mitt Romney: Entitlement reform that moves toward greater individual choice in savings and insurance ensures these programs will be around when Julia retires.

Under President Obama: Julia and her husband, who feel a strong bond with Israel, worry whether the Jewish state will survive without strong American support against fanatical enemies like Hamas and would-be enemy nuclear powers like Iran. Under Mitt Romney: A firm commitment to Israel’s security and legitimacy lets Julia and her husband know that Israel will be there for their children and grandchildren.

Under President Obama: Julia and her husband, who are a racially mixed couple, must explain to their newborn daughter that her race matters to the government, and that she must spend her life figuring out which half of her should apologize to the other. Mitt Romney: A focus on the things that matter most to all Americans–freedom and prosperity–allows Julia’s children to celebrate their diverse heritage as Americans.


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