American Immigration Council: 'Dream Come True'

American Immigration Council: 'Dream Come True'

The American Immigration Council, a group supposedly dedicated to “insisting that our immigration laws be enacted and implemented in a way that honors fundamental constitutional and human rights,” is cheering President Obama’s unilateral decision to refuse enforcement of immigration law for young illegal immigrants. “Today’s announcement will create the necessary space to allow Congress to craft a more permanent solution that will extend legal status to these young people who are American in all but their country of birth,” says the group in an email. It’s a “Dream Come True”!

Benjamin Johnson, Executive Director of the AIC, says:

The Administration has acted responsibly and compassionately to a growing humanitarian crisis – thousands of undocumented young people, whose talents and energy are incredibly valuable to this country, languish while Congress refuses to act on the DREAM Act … To be clear, a permanent solution must be found that allows these young people to become full citizens.  But until Congress acts, the deferred action program offers the breathing room needed to ensure that no more young lives are jeopardized through senseless deportations.

It’s obvious from the tone and tenor of the statement that AIC isn’t interested in the rule of law, or whether Congress is involved in the process at all. All they care about is ensuring that illegal immigrants remain in the country. And it’s precisely the support of groups like the AIC that President Obama was seeking when he decided to undercut existing law in order to achieve his political goals.


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