David Axelrod Admits Soptic 'Cancer' Attack Ad Was Dishonest

David Axelrod Admits Soptic 'Cancer' Attack Ad Was Dishonest

David Axelrod, Obama’s former campaign advisor one one remaining surrogate suggested tonight that the Obama campaign and Bill Burton’s Priorities USA was ‘dishonest.’

If you’re having difficulties keeping track of who said what regarding the Soptic scandal, it’s no wonder. 

Stephanie Cutter lied in media interviews when she said she didn’t know about Joe Soptic’s story or insurance situation. Then audio of her call co-hosted with Soptic from months earlier emerged.

After this Obama Campaign Spokeswoman Jen Psaki contradicted Cutter on how much the campaign knew about Joe Soptic. 

Cutter ditched her “This Week” appearance for fear of tough questioning and the Obama camp dispatched Axelrod to clean up the wreckage and redirect the narrative. Instead of focusing on possible illegal collusion between the campaign and the superPAC, Axelrod tried admission of a lesser offense, “dishonesty,” by comparing it to Romney’s welfare ads. 

The problem with Axelrod’s reasoning? 

Romney’s ad targeting Obama on welfare is accurate. HHS assumes control of defining work standards:

Because HHS granted itself total authority to change any aspect of the work standards, the agency will not be bound by its state-by-state waiver approach in the future. 

Moreover, “flexibility” for the states only works one way:HHS has made it clear that it will not accept waivers for new conservative policies. The agency’s guidance states that it will not approve policy initiatives that are “likely to reduce access to aid.” 

Translation: HHS will oppose any policy that reduces welfare caseloads.

Additionally, Mitt Romney never called Barack Obama a murderer, nor has any Romney superPAC. 

Again, when will Obama and his team denounce the “hideously dishonest” Soptic ad as opposed to defending it? 


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