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Another Rape Connected to Occupy

Another Rape Connected to Occupy

Police in New York are searching for a man who raped a 56-year-old woman and then tossed her over a 2nd story railing. The woman knew the man from his involvement in the Occupy movement. The NYPD put out the following media alert about the incident and 44-year-old suspect:

As protestors begin to filter into New York City over the weekend tocommemorate the anniversary Monday of Occupy Wall Street (OWS), the NYPDis hunting for a rapist among them. Earlier this week, a 56-year-oldwoman who was in Manhattan to participate in OWS protests was raped andthrown from two stories by an individual she recognized from previousOWS demonstrations.
At approximately 2:00 a.m. on Monday, September 10th, the assailantforced the woman to accompany him to the elevated level of the new Pier15 park overlooking the East River in lower Manhattan. He raped herthere and, afterwards, flung her over the second-story railing to theground below, causing her to sustain a broken pelvis and other seriousinjuries.
Police are looking for Jackie Barcliff, M/B/44, who was arrested forassault and resisting arrest last December in front of Liberty Plaza,and who then tried to escape after being apprehended by police. Barcliff has frequented other OWS gathering sites in lower Manhattan inthe past.

There is video of an incident from last November where Jackie Barcliff appears to make an arrangement with a videographer to approach police in exchange for five dollars. After a couple minutes, police ask him to move along and Barcliff repeatedly tells officers not to touch him. The argument continues for 4-5 more minutes until Barcliff is told he has to leave the park because he has a skateboard.

At this point officers escort him away. Some yelling is heard and then Barcliff is arrested. Someone begins yelling “Support!” As was the custom among occupiers witnessing an arrest, someone asks Barcliff his name. He yells out “Jackie Barcliff” a few times. As word of the arrest spreads, dozens of Occupiers within the park chant “Shame! Shame!”


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