Reid Misquotes Romney Campaign on Immigration Policy

Reid Misquotes Romney Campaign on Immigration Policy

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office released a statement Thursday that attributed a quote to presidential candidate Mitt Romney seemingly harmful for voters’ perceptions of his immigration policy. However, Governor Romney said the exact opposite.

Senator Reid’s office claimed Governor Romney’s staff told the Boston Globe he “would not honor exemptions” President Obama granted under his new non-deportation policy.

Instead, the staff said “he would honor deportation exemptions issued by the Obama administration before his inauguration.”

The Washington Times tried to reach out to Senator Reid’s office but haven’t received an answer. The release online still contains the phrase but got rid of the quotation marks around it.

President Obama’s policy “would grant tentative legal status to illegal immigrants 30 and under who have been in the US since 16, who have attended school and who don’t have major criminal records.”

Here is the entire statement:


Washington, D.C. — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement after Governor Romney clarified his position on the Administration’s deferred action policy toward DREAMers. Romney staff told the Boston Globe he would “not honor deportation exemptions” for DREAMers if he takes office.

“Governor Romney has set an unfortunate deadline for hundreds of thousands of DREAMers: get approval under President Obama’s deferred action before inauguration, or risk being deported if Romney is sworn in. It’s hard to understand why he thinks that deporting hundreds of thousands of hard-working young people, who were brought as children to this country through no fault of their own, is good for the only nation they know and love. It is clear that Kris Kobach, the architect of Arizona’s unconstitutional and anti-immigrant law, is firmly dictating Romney’s extreme immigration policy, even when most Americans feel it’s the wrong approach.

“President Obama’s decision to lift the shadow of deportation for these young people is not only common-sense policy, but it also reflects our values as a nation of immigrants that cherishes hard work and love of country. Once again, Governor Romney has proven to be out of touch with the nation in which he lives.”