U.N. Election Observers: Why Don't These People Have To Show ID to Vote?

U.N. Election Observers: Why Don't These People Have To Show ID to Vote?

Who re-elected Barack Obama? Who stepped into the booths around the country and pulled the lever for the incumbent, giving him the margin of victory many had predicted Gov. Romney would receive?

We can’t say for sure because three out of the four most prominent swing states — OH, PA, and FL — did not require voters to show a photo ID to vote. (The fourth most prominent, which did require photo ID, was VA.) 

Think about it:  In America, where the most powerful man in the world is elected every four years, you can walk into a polling place and cast a vote without truly identifying yourself. Sure, you have to give them a name, but you don’t have to give a photo ID to substantiate it.

This enables an Islamist who wants to continue to see our military weakened to cross in from Mexico, show up at a voting booth in Florida, give his name as John Smith and help swing that election to the .5% margin of victory for Obama. Or it allows any number of the 1,000,000 illegal immigrants Obama gave de facto amnesty to earlier this year to walk into voting booths in Ohio and provide names and fake address and then vote to give Obama the 1.9% margin of victory with which he carried that state.

Same thing in Pennsylvania.

In fact, perhaps you’ll remember that when Pennsylvania’s voter ID law was being challenged, and was eventually overturned,  Obama surrogates were saying aloud: “If the voter ID law is allowed to stand in Pennsylvania we are in trouble.”

What does that say for the men and women who elected Obama? That their votes would have been in jeopardy had they been required to show a voter ID?

But never fear, the requirements for a photo ID to vote were struck down not only in PA, but also in OH, and FL through one means or another.  

So the question remains: Who re-elected Barack Obama? 

The U.N. poll observers have no idea. They would only say they were shocked to see that the requirement of a photo ID isn’t a standard requirement at voting locations throughout the country. 


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