Breaking: Both Petraeus and Allen Wrote Letters for Kelley's Sister's Custody Battle

Breaking: Both Petraeus and Allen Wrote Letters for Kelley's Sister's Custody Battle

Breitbart News has learned that both former CIA chief David Petraeus and Gen. John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, wrote letters of support in a contentious custody battle involving Natalie Khawam, the twin sister of Jill Kelley. Kelley is the woman who triggered the Petraeus sex scandal. 

It is known that Allen is under investigation for “inappropriate communications” with Kelley; what is new is that Kelley apparently used her influence over Petraeus and Allen to have them weigh in on the custody battle of her twin sister, who had been deemed by the court to be “psychologically unstable,” according to the New York Post, citing earlier court documents.

Note the sequence of events:

On September 20, while conducting an investigation into the Benghazi consulate attack, and aware of the FBI’s inquiry into his personal life, Petraeus took the time to file a letter (published for the first time below) of support with the D.C. Superior Court for Khawam, citing his friendship with Jill Kelley and her husband Scott as the reason for becoming acquainted with Khawam.

On September 22, Allen filed a letter obtained by Breitbart News with the same court referring to Khawam a “dedicated mother whose only focus is to provide the necessary support, love, and care for her son.”  Allen cited Khawam’s “integrity” as a reason why the custody order should be reconsidered.  

Although it sounds as if Allen is well acquainted with Khawam, he acknowledges in his letter that his opinions were formulated by “observing [Ms. Khawam] with her son at command social functions.”

The letters from Petraeus and Allen are identified as Defense Exhibits C and D, respectively, below.


Why did these two ranking officials of the U.S. government make sweeping statements about Khawam’s parenting skills when their contact with her was supposedly limited to some social occasions?  And why did they reach conclusions in stark contrast to the opinion of the judge in her case, Neal Kravitz, who wrote about her:

Ms. Khawam appears to lack any appreciation or respect for the importance of honesty and integrity in her interactions with her family, employers, and others with whom she comes in contact. The court fully expects that Ms. Khawam’s pattern of misrepresentations about virtually everything, including the most important aspects of her life, will continue indefinitely. …

The evidence established that Ms. Khawam has extreme personal deficits in the areas of honesty and integrity. Ms. Khawam’s false domestic violence petitions (and her equally false testimony at trial relating to many of the same allegations) are merely the most stunning examples of Ms. Khawam’s willingness to say anything, even under oath, to advance her own personal interests at the expense of Mr. Wolfe, the child, and others.

Of note is that, in the same custody trial, Jill Kelley appeared as the only witness for her twin’s stories of abuse by her husband, and that Judge Kravitz found Kelley a “patently biased and unbelievable witness.”

What exactly is the level of involvement of the two generals with Jill Kelley?


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