Sessions: House Must Be Prepared to Reject 'Dangerous' Immigration Bill

Sessions: House Must Be Prepared to Reject 'Dangerous' Immigration Bill

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), in a wide-ranging conversation on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM, said the House must be prepared to reject the Senate’s “dangerous” immigration bill if it passes the Senate.

“It’s very important that the House not go along with a comprehensive plan,” Sessions told Breitbart News Sunday host Stephen K. Bannon. “They’ve got to be prepared to say, ‘no, we’re not going to accept what you send.'”

Sessions said the Gang of Eight in the Senate first needs to get 60 votes to get the bill on the floor and predicted a “dramatic” vote would take place before Memorial Day. He noted that even though there are four Republicans on the Gang of Eight who will presumably vote for the bill, some conservative Democrats may have misgivings about it. 

He said the House also has “a group meeting in secret over there that wants a comprehensive plan.” He claimed the Senate’s bill was written by lawyers representing primarily liberal special interest groups and that “the people who have written it want it to get through before the American people know what’s in” the bill. 

“I’m not comfortable with that,” Sessions said, noting that while the country needs to affirm its commitment to a system of legal immigration that treats people fairly, a step-by-step process is much better than a comprehensive bill that he said the House is ill-prepared to write as well. 

Sessions said there was a lot of “gobbledygook” in the “dangerous piece of legislation” that is “difficult to ascertain”; that is why, contrary to what he had expected, Republicans other than those on the Gang of Eight have been silent.

Sessions said if the bill passes, the FBI will not be able to check over 30 million potential documents for veracity, and authorities will have to take the word of illegal immigrants about how old they are and when they illegally entered the country because “nobody is going to be able to investigate” their claims. He said even the Gang of Eight does not know how many illegal immigrants the bill will legalize and cited estimates indicating 40 million illegal immigrants could ultimately be given legal status. 

Sessions emphasized the bill would take the country “down a path” where there will be “no real ability” for laws to be enforced.

“It is far more broad and dangerous than most people realize,” Sessions said, noting the bill would completely undermine the rule of law. “We are not ready to move forward with it.”

Sessions said working class men and women need to contact their Senators and Representatives because “it makes a difference.”