Traditional Marriage Group to Sue IRS Over Leaks

Traditional Marriage Group to Sue IRS Over Leaks

The National Organization for Marriage, a conservative organization whose confidential records were leaked by the IRS to its left-wing critics, announced on Tuesday it will sue the tax agency for damages. NOM’s 2008 tax return was, according to a press release the group sent out on Tuesday, taken by the IRS and subsequently leaked to its primary political opponent the Human Rights Campaign.

“Not only has the IRS retaliated against conservative, small-government and tea party groups as they apply for recognition of tax exemption AND lied about it, but it has criminally released our confidential tax return including the identity of dozens of major donors to a political enemy,” NOM president Brian Brown said in the statement. “In addition to being our principal combatant in the war on traditional marriage, the HRC’s president at the time was serving as a Co-Chair of President Obama’s reelection campaign. This is a chilling set of circumstances that should ring alarm bells across the nation.”

NOM has retained the firm ActRight Legal Foundation as counsel to file a lawsuit in federal court in the District of Columbia.

NOM chairman Dr. John C. Eastman said that the “very core of our ordered society has been shaken by this political roughing-up of nonprofits by the IRS.”

“As a constitutional law scholar I can tell you that no nonprofit should ever have to experience this kind of retaliation,” Eastman said. “I am pleased to announce that the excellent attorneys at ActRight Legal Foundation have identified a strong legal strategy that should ultimately hold the IRS accountable and result in lasting change inside of the IRS.”


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