Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose ObamaCare

Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose ObamaCare

A CNN poll released Monday finds that 54% of Americans oppose ObamaCare, the President’s signature domestic policy. Just 43% of adults support the law, a figure that has changed little since the law was enacted in 2010. The full effects of ObamaCare won’t be felt for another seven months. 

When Democrats passed ObamaCare in 2010, they intentionally put off the effective date for most of the act’s provisions until 2014. The long delay in implementation meant that most voters didn’t feel any impact from the law while Obama was waging his reelection campaign in 2012. As a result, impressions of the law have largely remained static, with the public generally opposed to the legislation. CNN just polled adults, suggesting that actual voters are even more opposed to the law. 

In October, health care exchanges, where consumers can shop for health insurance, come on-line. The federal government will be running these exchanges in most states. In January, the IRS will begin enforcing that mandate that all Americans purchase insurance. The agency will also oversee a slew of new taxes, credits and subsidies designed to help Americans buy the mandated insurance. It will also enforce a requirement that certain employers provide insurance coverage or pay a penalty. 

It is likely that most Americans will experience some change in their health insurance coverage. Before these changes take place, Americans generally oppose the law. Once these changes are absorbed, however, this opposition is likely to spike higher. 

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