Meghan McCain: Dad 'Frustrated,' 'Depressed' by Tea Party

Meghan McCain: Dad 'Frustrated,' 'Depressed' by Tea Party

In sad news from the land of McCain, “Raising McCain” host and McCain family scion Meghan McCain said in an interview with ABC and Yahoo News that her father, Senator John McCain (R-AZ), was “frustrated” and “depressed” by the Tea Party. Meghan termed the Tea Party the “hyper-conservative wing.”


She said, “We’re both frustrated with the idea that only the hyper-conservative wing of the party is going to represent the masses.” The last time dad was this depressed, Meghan reported, was after he lost the presidency to then-Senator Barack Obama.


Meghan said, “He is so depressed. He is so downtrodden. The way he’s talking about it, how he’s never seen it this bad in his 30-plus years in office.” She then complained about her father having to run “another dirty tea party election,” saying that the prospect of a primary challenge could encourage her father to drop out.

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