Congresswoman Attacked in D.C. May Have Been Victim of Deadly 'Knockout' Game

Congresswoman Attacked in D.C. May Have Been Victim of Deadly 'Knockout' Game

Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY) may have been the victim of the “knockout” game that is spreading across the nation where young blacks try to knock out unsuspecting people with sucker punches. The “knockout game” has even led to some fatalities, and there have been reported victims in major cities like New York and Washington, D.C. 

Meng told Washington, D.C.’s ABC affiliate WJLA that she “got hit from behind” on her head while walking home from dinner on Tuesday night and “landed in my front.” 

“After I hit the ground, there is a period of time where I don’t really remember what happened,” Meng said.

She was found disoriented, had little recollection of the attack, and could not describe the assailants. The New York Daily News reported that the attackers did not take a tote that contained her cell phone and credit cards. However, Rep. Meng’s office told Breitbart News that her handbag has not been recovered. 

The knockout game typically involves victims who are smaller in stature being attacked from behind. The victims are not necessarily robbed after the attack.

“I didn’t see anyone coming,” she told the Daily News. “I just got hit on the head.”

She said she was a New Yorker and thus a “tough girl,” so she did not think much of walking home alone on Tuesday night after having dinner with a friend. Meng said her “knee is bloodied” and the “back of her head is still sore.” She said she was “so glad nothing happened for the sake of [my] kids and family.” Meng is married with two children.

An Eastern Market resident told WJLA that she was “afraid it’s that attack-from-the-back situation,” referring to the “knockout game.” 

Washington, D.C. police have said the investigation into Meng’s attack is “active.” D.C. police are also investigating two other women in D.C. who were hit in the back of the head on Thursday and Friday of last week in similar situations in what could have also been due to the “knockout” game.


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