Daily Kos Diarist: ObamaCare a Bad Deal for My Ivy League University

Daily Kos Diarist: ObamaCare a Bad Deal for My Ivy League University

Mike Convente, a left-wing Daily Kos diarist and a representative on the University of Pennsylvania health care committee, took to the pages of Kos to complain about the “law of unintended consequences” of ObamaCare. Convente is also upset that Obama’s “marketing slogans … turned out to be not so correct.”

It looks as though the students at UPenn will be paying a lot more for their health insurance policies, thanks in large part to the fact that ObamaCare is forcing them to pay for coverage they do not need. Not only that, Convente is probably not buying the propaganda from ObamaCare supporters and the media that only junk plans are being cancelled. He describes the insurance UPenn already offered as “quite progressive”:

Our population is entirely students.  Mostly grad students, but that means the overwhelming majority of us are mid-to-late 20s.  [Because of ObamaCare] We now have to cover pediatric dental even though none of us are even eligible to use that benefit.  There aren’t even that many grad students with young children (we see about ~100 dependent plans out of over 9,000 total enrollees).

Our committee is quite progressive when it comes to benefits offered (full prosthesis replacement, gender reassignment surgery, etc.) and low deductible (we’re at $300.  That’s not a typo – three hundred).  And yet even for us, at least in the college health insurance market, the ACA has truly been the “law of unintended consequences”.

At Hot Air, Guy Benson adds:

Convente insists that he still supports the law, even though it’s doing real harm to the people around him.  Good stuff.  What’s extra tasty about his sad-face post is that it’s attached to another DailyKos diary entry entitled, “Confessions of an Obamacare advocate with cancelled policy, facing 38 percent premium hike.”  Which is not to be confused with a separate ferocious DailyKos rant authored by an embittered Obamacare fan back in September (“what the hell kind of reform is this?”)

One wonders how Convente feels about the fact that it was we rubes in the Tea Party who were right about ObamaCare as Obama and his media covered up and lied. 



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