Poll: ObamaCare Support Collapses to Record Low

Poll: ObamaCare Support Collapses to Record Low

On the very last day to sign up for ObamaCare before the end of the year, President Obama and his signature piece of legislation received more bad news via a sympathetic media outlet. A new CNN poll shows that support for ObamaCare has collapsed to just 35%, a new record low for this poll and a five-point drop in just 30 days. Opposition sits at a whopping 62%.

The recent fallout is almost exclusively among women. While men’s opinion of ObamaCare remained unchanged, opposition among women climbed six points, from 54% to 60%. Last week, the White House launched a campaign aimed directly at moms.

While 43% oppose the law saying it is too liberal and 15% oppose it because it is not liberal enough, a huge majority of 63% believe ObamaCare will increase their personal health care costs. Only 16% of those polled believe ObamaCare will help them; 52% fear they will be worse off.

The progressive media have been taking solace in the fact that some of the ObamaCare opposition is based on the fact that people don’t believe the law goes far enough. But if you have 63% fearing it will increase their costs and only 16% believing ObamaCare will help them, that has to be cold comfort.

And “not liberal enough” is looking awfully subjective when 54% of Democrats now want ObamaCare delayed for a full year.

ObamaCare’s public relations problems are apparently bleeding over into the very real problem of enrollments. A full-court publicity blitz from the government and media has pretty much flopped. ObamaCare is way behind on enrollments and likely even further behind than that.

Neither the White House nor the media are reporting the real enrollment numbers. You have to pay your premium to actually be enrolled. The enrollment numbers being reported are in reality those who have simply selected a health care plan, or placed it in their shopping cart.

Online studies show that shopping cart abandonment rates can top 60%.


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