Georgia Police Seize $128M in Illegal Drugs

Georgia Police Seize $128M in Illegal Drugs

America may not be winning the War on Drugs, but it looks like the DeKalb County Police in Georgia have won some monumental battles. More than $128 million worth of drugs have been taken off the streets in the last year, representing the largest seizure in five years.

On Friday, donning ski masks, police showcased their confiscations from last year’s drug busts. The haul included: 302kg of methamphetamine; 565kg of cocaine; 1kg of crack; and 6,000lb of marijuana, along with $3.4 million in drug money. What’s more, the officers were successful in pursuing drug runners suspected of smuggling illicit drugs into neighborhoods across the country, resulting in about 1,000 arrests in connection with the raids, the Atlanta Fox affiliate reported.

Public Safety Deputy Chief Operating Officer Cedric Alexander said that the successful seizure is a result of an aggressive effort on the part of 30 officers of DeKalb County Police. He said that leadership in the department sat down months ago and decided “we were going to come up with strategies, we were going to put people in place, we were going to beef up staff, and we were going to after those we had intelligence on, who were transporting drugs into this community.”

Alexander said, “What you see here is the success of some of those internal changes we decided to make.” Alexander is proud of the results of their recent efforts but insists that they need to “stay in the fight and… do everything they can to keep the county safe.”