Former Connecticut Gun Company Finds Gov. Haley, South Carolina a Perfect Fit

Former Connecticut Gun Company Finds Gov. Haley, South Carolina a Perfect Fit

PTR Industries’ John McNamara says the former Connecticut gun manufacturer has found Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) and South Carolina to be a perfect fit for their operations.

PTR is one of a number of gun manufacturers relocating after the draconian gun laws passed by Connecticut lawmakers in the spring of 2013.

Breitbart News spoke with McNamara during the 2014 SHOT Show, and he described the business and anti-gun climate created in Connecticut after the passage of the gun control laws:

When Connecticut lawmakers passed gun control legislation they did not know what was in the bill. All they knew is that it was the focus of an emergency session of the legislature and it was a law that was fully supported by Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy (D). …By passing this legislation they took our rights away and attacked our rights and attacked the citizens’ rights, and at that point there was no reason for us to stay there. 

McNamara summed up the situation by saying: “Gov. Malloy designated a product illegal in the state of Connecticut because it’s dangerous, yet said PTR should not leave the state because he wanted our tax revenue.”

McNamara said Gov. Haley has been the complete opposite–meeting with them for “a few hours” when they first came to SC, providing her “personal cell phone number to them,” and letting them know that South Carolina was not only serious about getting PTR into the state but also “about letting PTR do their jobs without government getting in the way.” 

PTR’s relocation from Bristol, CT to Aynor, SC is now under way. 

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