Ben Carson: Chief Justice Roberts Probably Having 'Second Thoughts' about Upholding Obamacare

Ben Carson: Chief Justice Roberts Probably Having 'Second Thoughts' about Upholding Obamacare

After a federal court ruled on Tuesday that the Obama administration exceeded its statutory authority when it decided to grant Obamacare subsidies through state and federal exchanges, Dr. Ben Carson said Chief Justice John Roberts is probably having “second thoughts” about his decisive vote to uphold the law.

Carson told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer that the Obama administration, along with the IRS, had been essentially saying that they “could be doing pretty much whatever they want,” even though the law “specifically states that subsidies were going to come through the state exchanges.”

“You can’t just come along and change the law at will,” Carson said. “This is going to the Supreme Court.”

The Supreme Court recently ruled in the Hobby Lobby case that certain businesses do not have to abide by the Obamacare mandate and pay for abortion-inducing pills for their employees. And Carson said, in reference to Roberts, “I suspect some of them probably had some second thoughts on their initial pass on this.”

The D.C. Court of Appeals ruled that the Obamacare law “unambiguously” establishes that subsides can only be given to those who purchase insurance on state exchanges. Thirty-six states decided not to set up state-based exchanges, and the Supreme Court will likely have the final say on the matter since the Fourth Circuit is expected to rule in favor of the Obama administration in a similar case.

Carson said that there would be “even more revelations” about Obamacare in the future, and he warned that Americans will be “extraordinarily alarmed” when the “employer mandate hits after the election.” Carson stated that he was in favor of everyone having quality health care but it did not have to come through the government and its many “shenanigans.”