Pool Report: Burning World Can't Keep Obama Off the Golf Course

Pool Report: Burning World Can't Keep Obama Off the Golf Course

According to Saturday’s White House pool report, America shouldn’t be worrying about a fierce Ebola outbreak, our porous borders being overrun by tens of thousands of foreign unknowns, Russian adventurism, Iran’s nuke fetish, or Israel’s current struggle against an existential threat to its very existence — because President Obama’s not worrying.

He’s golfing.


From the pool report (received via email):

WH says there are 12 golfers taking part in POTUS pre-birthday golf outing. Before departing, pool spotted Reggie Love and Marvin Nicholson and many sets of golf clubs.

POTUS foursome includes

 Greg Orme

 Bobby Titcomb

 Mike Ramos

 Arrived at base 8:35 am. Pool holding at Starbucks. Nice weather for golf so far: 66 and cloudy but 40 percent chance of rain.


Pre-birthday golf.

Reggie Love.

What, no peppermint trees or chocolate rivers?

Obama leads by example. Which is why America should be golfing. Which America will do as soon as we have jobs. And finally see an increase in wages. And energy prices stop bleeding us dry.

But the president’s working on fixing all of that… now watch this swing.

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