NARAL's New Anti-Thom Tillis Ad Depicts Susan B. Anthony List as Women Molesters

NARAL's New Anti-Thom Tillis Ad Depicts Susan B. Anthony List as Women Molesters

In its new ad attacking North Carolina GOP Senate candidate Thom Tillis, abortion lobby group NARAL depicts pro-life Susan B. Anthony List and its supporters as “anti-woman” woman molesters.

In response to Susan B. Anthony List‘s (SBA List) new pro-life ad, produced through its Women Speak Out PAC, NARAL has launched its own ad that characterizes the pro-life organization “as anti-woman as it gets.” The final scene of the ad portrays a man kneeling on the ground with his hand up a woman’s skirt.

SBA List’s ad is focused on the story of Charlotte, who was born at only 24-weeks-old, a stage at which many late-term abortions are performed.

In announcing its new ad, NARAL says it is “tying Senate candidate Thom Tillis to the extreme right-wing Susan B. Anthony List political action committee.”

“SBA List, in the past, has supported candidates like Todd “legitimate rape” Akin and Richard “God intended pregnancy though rape” Murdoch,” NARAL continues. “The ad, which NARAL Pro-Choice America will spend five-figures to run statewide, is being released this week in response to SBA List’s latest ad buy in North Carolina and in advance of tonight’s debate in Raleigh.”

“SBA List is supporting Thom Tillis for the same reasons they supported Todd Akin, Richard Murdoch, Ted Cruz and numerous other candidates–because they are way outside of the mainstream and they need extreme politicians to advance their agenda,” says Erika West, Political Director at NARAL Pro-Choice America. “SBA List stands against sex education, birth control access and legal abortion.”

“We only need to look at Thom Tillis’ record in the state legislature to understand that he shares their vision–one that puts North Carolina women and families at risk,” West added.

In response, SBA List states NARAL is “unleashing this disgusting attack” on its organization “because they know they cannot win the debate over whether painful, brutal late-term abortions should be allowed in America.”

“We continue to make it about the babies,” says SBA List. “We continue to tell powerful, moving stories like Charlotte’s. And how politicians like Kay Hagan refuse to protect little girls like her.”


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