German Newspaper: Hillary Won't Make it in 2016

German Newspaper: Hillary Won't Make it in 2016

A German leftist newspaper has weighed in on Hillary Clinton’s chances in 2016 and found her wanting. The taz die tageszeitung (or “taz”) emblazoned the front page of Thursday’s edition with a picture of Clinton on the 2008 Obama Hope poster, with the caption “Last Hope.” 

As might have been predicted, the newspaper was in a huff about the Democrats eschewing hard-left positions.

The Democrats do not have a political agenda for which they dare to fight. By doing nothing they offend their own supporters… They do not lead the public opinion into a more progressive direction, but rather turn to the right to escape public humiliation. Nobody needs such Democrats.

There’s more—the conclusion avers that there won’t be real political reforms “of the 21st century in the USA in the near future. And probably there won’t be a president called Hillary Clinton.” 

In 2008, taz printed a front page with the White House pictured on it and the caption: “Uncle Barack’s Cabin?” The paper followed that by printing arguments that supported and criticized the cover for being racist. 

In July, the paper ran a cover mocking George W. Bush, picturing ISIS with the headline: “Mission Accomplished.” 


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