‘Burn This B*tch Down!’ – Brown Family Church Torched In Riots

‘Burn This B*tch Down!’ – Brown Family Church Torched In Riots

Although the media is desperate to keep the false narrative alive that the family of Michael Brown is only calling for peace, the fact is that on Monday night, just before all hell broke loose in Ferguson, while Michael Brown’s mother stood silently by, Brown’s stepfather repeatedly ordered the mob surrounding him to “Burn this bitch down!” 

The next morning, the Brown family church was one of about a dozen or so buildings burnt to the ground. Worse still, a 20 year-old man was found dead.

While the media covers up the tragic irony of the Brown family losing their own church in a riot one of their own called for, the pastor of that church, Pastor Carlton Lee, is blaming the loss of his church on white supremacists.  

Pastor Lee said he believes this due to the numerous death threats he’s received after calling for the arrest of Darren Wilson, the police officer cleared by a grand jury in the shooting death of the 19 year-old. The church is a storefront church located three miles from where most of the damage occurred.

He said he told Michael Brown Sr. about the extensive damage on Tuesday afternoon. “He was just devastated again,” he said.

The pastor said he doubted the same people who were raging on the other end of West Florissant had burned his church. Instead, he said, he suspected white supremacists who wanted to punish him for his support of the Brown family, who had just been baptized there.

“Sunday, we do the baptism, Monday, the church is one fire. It just doesn’t add up,” he said.

He said Brown had pledged his help in repairing the damage.

“We rebuild,” Lee said. “We do not stop.”

Maybe when Michael Brown’s stepfather called for “this bitch” to be “burnt down” he should have been more specific about which bitches he had in mind.

Not that it would have helped. Mobs are filled with mindless savages bent on destroying whatever’s in front of them … and restocking their liquor cabinets … and upgrading their stereo systems.  

Again and again we’re told that black life is not cheap, but we’re being told ths by the very same people calling for, justifying, or rationalizing a rampage of savages through a predominantly black working class neighborhood. I am of course talking about the media and Democrats — two groups that see black lives as nothing more than means to a political end. 

In this middle of all this cynical political manipulation are real people — everyday Americans who have lost their businesses and jobs. When the cameras leave for a Thanksgiving spent in Media Ivory Towers, all that will be left of Ferguson is smoldering rubble that foreshadows a coming ghost town. It is these black lives the media, political left, and Michael Brown’s stepfather see as cheap and expendable. 


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