White House Signals ‘Difference of Opinion’ with Nancy Pelosi on Cromnibus

White House Signals ‘Difference of Opinion’ with Nancy Pelosi on Cromnibus

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest tells reporters that in spite of the “respect and affection” that President Obama has for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, they have a difference of opinion about supporting the “Cromnibus” spending bill in Congress. 

“It’s clear that we have a difference of opinion here,” Earnest said, shortly after Pelosi said she was “enormously disappointed” with the White House decision to support the bill.

Shortly after a flurry of activity in the House of Representatives threatened the future of the so-called “Cromnibus” bill, the White House issued a statement of support for the bill, promising not to veto it if it’s passed by Congress.

On the procedural vote, zero Democrats voted for the bill, which nearly failed due to scores of protesting conservatives. But Earnest signaled that there were a number of good reasons for Democrats to support the legislation. 

“If there are Democrats who do choose to support this piece of legislation there’s ample reason for them to do so,” Earnest said, calling the bill a “compromise” and encouraged Democrats to “vote their conscience.”

Earnest added that the White House was pleased that no part of the legislation attempted to “significantly gut” Obamacare or impede the implementation of the president’s executive action on immigration reform.

The White House statement of support from the Office of Management and Budget stated that the administration is “disappointed” that the bill would only fund the Department of Homeland Security through February 27, 2015 using a continuing resolution.

“Short-term continuing resolution funding measures are disruptive, create uncertainty, and impede efficient resource planning and execution,” the statement reads.

The White House Press Secretary commented on the President’s support for the bill, especially noting that it did not shut down the government. 


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