OMB Preparing in Case of Shutdown

OMB Preparing in Case of Shutdown

As House Republican leadership scrambles to pass the controversial Obama-Boehner “cromnibus” spending bill, other parts of the federal government are getting ready, in case they need to shut down.

As Chad Pergram of FOX News tweeted, “Out of an abundance of caution,” the Office of Management and Budget is “talking to agencies ‘to prepare for all contingencies including a potential lapse in funding.'”

The House is in recess right now, and scores of conservatives are making it clear they won’t vote for Speaker John Boehner’s  proposed $1 trillion-plus, 1,000-plus page spending measure. He would need Democratic votes to pass the bill, and that doesn’t seem likely, either.

The federal government would shut down at midnight unless the bill — or a short-term Continuing Resolution — is passed. Conservatives are indicating they would support a CR.


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