Jeff Sessions: Funding Exec Amnesty Helps DC, Wall St. ‘Super Elites’ Realize ‘Dream of a World Without Borders’

Jeff Sessions: Funding Exec Amnesty Helps DC, Wall St. ‘Super Elites’ Realize ‘Dream of a World Without Borders’

On Friday evening, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said Congress has a duty to defund President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty that defies the will of the American people and imposes the open-borders paradise that “super elites” in Washington and Wall Street so desperately desire. 

Sessions said that the “super elites in Washington and Wall Street dream of a world without borders,” which to them is “a paradise” where “pesky little things like law and rules and national boundaries” are “not a problem” and “don’t get in the way.”

“The only challenge these great global citizens face are these pesky people called voters who cling to the old-fashioned idea of a nation as a home and a border as something real and worth protecting,” Sessions said.

He blasted the pro-amnesty elites for saying that they know better than average Americans who are concerned about their jobs, wages, and the pace of immigration that the elites deride as “nativist” and “selfish.”

“When an election happens and the people rebel against this open-borders agenda, there’s really one thing for these wise elites to do–they just impose their own laws,” Sessions said. “How Congress answers this challenge will shape the future of this republic.”

Sessions, the current Ranking Member on the Budget Committee, said he would not vote for the “Cromnibus” bill and demanded an amendment that would fund all of the government “entirely” except for Obama’s “unlawful illegal amnesty” that is “in plain violation of law and the express will of the American people.”

Citing the Anti-deficiency Act, Sessions noted that it is a criminal offense for someone to spend federal money that is not authorized by Congress.

Sessions said that Congress has a duty not to fund programs that violate the law and the Constitution and allow the president to “eviscerate and fail to enforce immigration law” while allowing him to “create an entire new scheme” and immigration system. He cited numerous studies that showed massive immigration–legal and illegal–has lowered the standard of living for working Americans and legal immigrants who are already in the country. 

He asked, “Will we defend and protect the people who sent us here, their laws… their Constitution, their communities… or will we just abandon them and give them lip service but no real action?”

“I suggest there is no purpose to our being here if it is not to serve and protect and defend the loyal people who sent us here,” Sessions said.

Sessions spoke on the Senate floor a night after the House passed the $1.1 trillion “CRomnibus bill.” The Senate passed a two-day funding bill that the House approved by unanimous consent.


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