Papa John’s Pizza: Delivery Woman Who Shot Armed Robber Will Not Be Fired

Flickr/Ildar Sagdejev
Flickr/Ildar Sagdejev

Papa John’s Pizza says the DeKalb County, Georgia delivery woman who shot an armed robber that put a gun to her head will not be fired. She will, however, be “reassigned.”

Breitbart News previously reported that 24-year-old Donquaz Devon Stevenson put a gun to the pizza delivery woman’s head on January 1, and ordered her to the ground. The woman was able to reach her own gun and shoot the armed robber in self-defense.

Afterward, she worried that she would be fired by Papa John’s for carrying “a gun for protection.” But Papa John’s has now made clear they will not fire her. However, they do plan to “reassign” her.

On January 15, Fox News reported that Papa John’s responded to the incident by saying “the safety of Papa John’s employees is a top priority for [the] company.” And while “company policy prohibits employees from utilizing firearms in the performance of their duties,” the delivery woman will not be fired based on “the specifics” of the situation.”

The pizza chain said the delivery woman will be reassigned to work in a store, instead of delivery, and they are “offering her counseling to help her recuperate from the incident.”

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