Donald Trump: ‘I Can Make America Great Again’

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“I can make America great again,” entrepreneur and television host Donald Trump told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview broadcast on SiriusXM Patriot Sunday.

On Breitbart News Sunday hosted by Breitbart Executive News Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow, Trump spoke in an easy, matter-of-fact way that America needs a leader that understands international relationships and global politics.

After delivering a rousing speech that shook the Hoyt Sherman Place auditorium at the Iowa Freedom Summit in Des Moines, Trump told Bannon and Marlow that he is “very, very serious” about what’s at stake for America and the need for new leadership in 2016. Trump emphasized in his speech on Saturday that “politicians are all talk and no action.”

“I’ve been watching the IRS. I’ve been watching Benghazi. I’ve been watching immigration and ‘the walls we’re going to build,’ and it’s all talk. It’s talk for two days and then it dies, and nobody does anything about it,” he lamented. Trump claims that it’s not just Democrats who keep kicking the political can down the road but Republicans too.

“I’m very disappointed in them. I’m a very strong Republican and a conservative Republican, a very conservative Republican. I am somebody that gets things done. They don’t get things done,” Trump asserted.  The brash businessman says that he’s a fighter and that Republicans have to learn how to fight. “I’m all for getting things done, and competently getting things done. Right now we have a president who is grossly incompetent and we have to change things around,” he added.

Marlow asked Trump if it was time for a non-politician to become president. Trump recounted that he is in many ways very politically oriented. The real estate tycoon explained that he has been doing very well with politicians all over the world and in America for twenty-five years.

Trump referenced his very public political battles with politicians in NYC, noting that “people say that if you can get a zoning law changed in New York, you can get anything.” He added, “I’ve gotten more zone changes in New York than anybody. I built a city on the Westside of Manhattan.”

Trump asserted that if he runs for president in 2016 his theme would be: “Make America Great Again.” In order to achieve that goal the first priority for Trump is to get rid of Obamacare. “We have to repeal and replace it with something far better and far less expensive,” he said.

Trump’s plan includes “freeing up the borders” of Obamacare, so that you can buy insurance from any company in the United States and not be restricted to buying only from regional companies. “The insurance companies are making a fortune with Obamacare and it is outrageous,” he stated. Breitbart’s Executive Chairman agreed, pointing out the surge in insurance company stock prices. “That’s because the government mitigates their risks and they get all the upside,” explained Bannon.

“They are making a fortune and it’s a joke. You should bring it back to free enterprise and you would see much better health care,” Trump said. He added that the deductibles are now so high that you pay for everything anyway and you never really use your health plan.

Next on his agenda, the purveyor of Celebrity Apprentice said that he would put an end to “these foreign countries from just ripping us with the deals they are making. They make deals with us that are so good they just laugh.”

Bannon asked Trump how he would change things. “First I would let China know that it is over. There is no more free ride,” said Trump. Bannon chimed in, “You’re saying no more free ride in Africa? No more free ride in Latin America?” Trump answered that China is benefiting from all these countries’ natural resources without lending a hand to fighting terrorism or dealing with disease control.

“Do you ever see Chinese soldiers trying to stop ISIS?” he asked. “China’s all over the place but don’t want to go near the people with the Ebola, because they don’t want to be infected. Yet we are sending thousands of soldiers over there helping them.”

Trumps says that China, along with other countries, is doing another thing that is hurting America’s economy and getting away with it: devaluing their currency “to a point that no one thought would be possible and get away with it.” The devaluation makes US exports far less competitive with Chinese products.

“They don’t play by the same rules that we do,” he told the Breitbart team. America won’t be doing business with China in a Trump administration unless they drastically change their ways, he maintained.

Moreover, Trump stated confidently that he thinks that he would do a “fantastic job” as Commander-in-Chief. “I would bring this country back to the highest level it has ever been. And I think I would make America great again.”

Marlow asked Trump what qualities he has that distinguishes him from the other candidates speaking at the Summit. He explained that he would be able to create jobs because, “That’s what I do. I have thousands of people working for me.” He added that he has had “thousands of successes… The nice part is that I can self-fund my campaign… I would just use my own money. It is much easier.”

In evaluating why Mitt Romney lost to Obama in 2012, Trump stated, “He choked. He choked. He failed to be a candidate in the last month. He had it won. You know a lot of people don’t know how to win. He couldn’t close. Like I said in my speech he is like a deal maker who can’t close a deal. By the way most people are like that, just so he doesn’t feel too bad.”

Trump says that the reason he is willing to put himself through the grueling process of running for president is because “I want to make this country great again. And I don’t think anyone else will be able to do it but me.”


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