Woman Tells Everytown: Quit Using My Sister, A Gun Would Have Saved Her

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In 2013, Jessie Doyle Cavett was shot and killed by her estranged husband, Josh Cavett. When Everytown for Gun Safety recently called Jessie’s sister–Jennie Cochran–to get permission to use the story to push gun control, Cochran told them not to use the story “for anything.”

She told Everytown that gun control simply “makes more victims,” and she doesn’t want her sister’s story used to do that.

Speaking to Fox News on February 4, Cochran said the only thing that would have saved her sister was a gun. She said, “There’s no way the police would have gotten there in time had she just dialed 911.”

Cochran explained that her sister’s estranged husband was a felon, so there was no reason to believe he was going to follow gun control laws that prevented him from being armed. She said there was no justification for believing a background check requirement would keep him from getting a gun.

Rather, Cochran said, “The only thing that would have leveled [things] out” was if her sister had a gun.

Fox News then played a recording of Everytown for Gun Safety calling to use Jessie’s story. Everytown’s Ann Wright asked Cochran if she would be “comfortable… sharing [her] story so other people would understand why we need to strengthen our gun laws.”

Cochran demurred, giving Wright pause; then Cochran said, “I am actually against it… I am very pro-gun, as is Jessie, so I would really hope you guys don’t use her story for anything.”

Wright said, “Okay,” yet Cochran continued: “Because the only thing that would have saved her was a gun.”

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