Top 2016 Donors Praise Jeb’s Leadership on Amnesty

AP Photo/Susan Walsh
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Top Republican donors, including Mitt Romney’s former national finance chairman, praised Jeb Bush for taking the lead on amnesty during a Tuesday pro-amnesty conference call.

On the call, organized by Michael Bloomberg’s pro-amnesty Partnership for a New American Economy front group and Grover Norquist, Spencer Zwick, Romney’s former finance chairman, declared that, “certainly Gov. Bush has decided to lead on this issue.”

“We have to have someone who is willing to take on this issue,” Zwick reportedly said, according to a Tampa Bay Times report. “We have to nominate a candidate who is willing to let action be stronger than inaction. Because as Republicans, we’ve let inaction be our model for too long.”

Zwick is unaffiliated right now, but his comments indicate that he may be leaning toward Bush.

Mike Fernandez, who is already on board with Bush, also praised Bush for leading on immigration, and said the country needs more immigrants “in order to improve our economy.”

Fernandez, according to a Politico report, will donate $1 million to Bush at a fundraiser next week that is expected to add $5 million to Bush’s hefty war chest.

Bush will travel to Chicago on Wednesday to deliver a major foreign policy speech and may reportedly raise as much as $2-3 million more for this Right to Rise PAC.



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