Poll: Only 47 Percent Think Obama Loves America

AP Photo-/Evan Vucci.
AP Photo-/Evan Vucci.

Rudy Giuliani is far from alone in his criticism of President Obama.

A new poll shows that a substantial number of Americans doubt President Barack Obama loves the United States. According to YouGov, fewer than half — 47 percent — say that the president loves America. However, one third — 35 percent — say the president does not.

Democrats are less likely than Republicans to say Obama doesn’t love America. YouGov reports that 85 percent of Democrats say Obama loves America, while 69 percent of Republicans say he does not. But even Independents are split. Some 42 percent say he loves the U.S. but close to the same number, 38 percent, say he does not.

The poll also asked respondents whether they loved the country. For Americans over the age of 45, upward of 90 percent expressed love for the U.S. and virtually none reported they do not love America.

However, younger Americans are less certain.

“Only 71 percent of under-30s also say that they love America. Fifteen percent of under-30s say that they do not love America, while 14 percent aren’t sure,” YouGov reports.

Overall, 90 percent of conservatives report loving America, while 85 percent of moderates and 82 percent of liberals say the same. YouGov commissioned the poll after former New York Mayor Giuliani said: “I do not believe that the president loves America.”


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