Domino’s Gun Ban Update: Pizzeria Robbed at Gunpoint by 350 Pound Man in Broad Daylight

AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac
AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac

On March 24, a Domino’s Pizza store in Sayville, New Jersey, was robbed in broad daylight by an armed man who demanded cash and two pizzas.

According to the Sayville-Bayfield Patch, an armed “heavyset white male” allegedly entered the store around 4:30 p.m. and demanded cash.

CBS New York  reported that the man allegedly told employee Ray Brenkert to “get down on [his] knees and open the safe,” but Brenkert could not get the safe to open. The armed man then allegedly told Brenkert, “Well, you either open the safe or I’m going to shoot you in the head.”

In the end he allegedly took Brenkert’s cell phone, grabbed “a fistful of cash from the register,” and demanded that Brenkert prepare two “large…cheese” pizzas, which the armed man took with him.

A Domino’s Pizza delivery was shot and killed in New Orleans on the same day the Sayville store was robbed. The driver was murdered six months after another Domino’s driver was shot and killed in New Orleans’ Mid-City.

On March 24 Breitbart news reported that at least 10 Domino’s Pizza delivery drivers have been shot since January 2012 and five of those drivers died. On top of this, on February 8 a female Domino’s driver was robbed and raped at gunpoint in broad daylight in Antioch, California.

Despite these recurring attacks, Domino’s Pizza continues to maintain a no-guns policy for their drivers, choosing instead to send them into a dangerous with no real means of defending their lives or livelihood.

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