Roseanne Barr Unloads on Hillary Clinton: ‘She’s the Same Old S**t’

Mike Windle/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival/AFP
Mike Windle/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival/AFP

Sitcom heavyweight Roseanne Barr shared her thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid Monday, but don’t expect any support from the former TV mom, as she made it perfectly clear she thinks Hillary is nothing more than “the same old s—t.”

In a wide-ranging interview with the Daily Beast, Roseanne opened up about her health, her love for marijuana, and her complete and utter disdain for the former First Lady and Secretary of State.

“I think she’s a Democrat just like they all are,” Barr said. “She seems like every other Democrat. I would not like to see her win. She’s the same old s—t.”

Roseanne continued to say she felt that Hillary didn’t have a chance to win and described the nearly two-year campaign process as “offensive” to the American people:

It will be interesting to see how the process goes — although it’s kind of offensive that the American people for 21 months have to live through the mudslinging that goes on between the two parties, which I think is just a tactic to prevent government from doing anything about any of our problems.

Roseanne was the Peace and Freedom Party’s 2012 presidential candidate but would’ve much rather been representing the Green Party. That nomination eventually went to female physician Jill Stein, for which the comedian has been quoted as saying, “F–k Jill Stein.”

Still, she seemed warm to the overall idea of having a female president, just as long as it’s not Hillary:

I think that a party that was woman-friendly would be revolutionary, and that party could be headed by a male or female. It’s what the party itself stands for that matters. She is standing as a Democrat so she’s a Democrat, and I don’t see much difference between them and the Republicans. They both get paid by the same guys. They do the same thing, they want the same stuff, more business.

When asked by the Beast’s Tim Teeman if a Clinton administration would carry any powerful symbolism, she was direct:

“Symbolically”? What does that mean? I would rather see the first intelligent, honest American president. I don’t care what’s in their shorts. I don’t care what it looks like down there at all. The thing I did like Hillary for was that she was the first candidate who ever listened to what women said, because she had to.

Barr also criticized women who describe themselves as “feminist,” and likened the term to a form of “mind control.”

“It activates mind control. If you say ‘feminist,’ it means certain things if you’re pro or con. And you know you could change your mind when the right facts are presented, if you’re not married to a certain rhetoric or dogma.”

The comedian also revealed she is now suffering from macular degeneration and glaucoma and will eventually go blind. She is currently using medicinal marijuana, which she says is a “good medicine for a lot of things.” Furthermore, she feels cannabis use is a good release from “mind control.”

Roseanne’s 2012 presidential campaign, as well as other aspects of her personal life, are being documented in the film Roseanne for President!, which is currently showing at the Tribeca Film Festival.


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