Students for Life Launches National Pro-Life Initiative for Millennials

Dan Fleuette
Dan Fleuette

Students for Life of America (SFLA), the nation’s largest pro-life organization for millennials, is launching a new grassroots initiative aimed at young, pro-life adults that will engage them in the pro-life movement well beyond their high school and college days.

With over 800 chapters on college and high school campuses throughout the country, SFLA will launch Pro-Life Future, a program that will gather young adults and offer them opportunities to meet for both fellowship and pro-life action.

According to a press release, SFLA states Pro-Life Future will allow the more than 20,000 young pro-life leaders whom SFLA has trained since 2006 to remain involved in the movement and to have “an exciting avenue … to stay involved.” It will also allow them to “connect with other pro-lifers and engage in activism.”

“After college graduation, many of these leaders get lost in the busy-ness of the ‘real world’ and they don’t know where they fit in, what they should do, or how to organize with other pro-lifers,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of SFLA. “This generation of young pro-lifers needs to feel like they belong or our movement will lose them.”

Through education and training of its members, Pro-Life Future chapters will advocate for pro-life causes, help and participate with existing pro-life programs in cities, and conduct outreach for new audiences not currently being reached by the pro-life movement.

“Members of Pro-Life Future chapters will stand at the ready to end abortion in their communities,” said Brendan O’Morchoe, director of Pro-Life Future. “The program is so unique because not only does nothing else like it exist at a national level but it will start with leaders that have already been trained as students who work to support and reinforce the great pro-life work already happening in our cities.”

“Through Pro-Life Future, our generation will continue to influence our culture through action and witness and work to abolish abortion in our lifetime,” said Hawkins. “We envision a world in which no woman feels that abortion is her only choice. We envision a world that protects and respects the dignity of all human persons. We envision a world freed from abortion.”

“Pro-Life Future is about action. It is the next step in the pro-life movement for students after they graduate from college,” O’Morchoe said in an email statement to Breitbart News. “And while we will be starting with students we trained and worked with in college, Pro-Life Future is open to all pro-lifers. One of the goals is to recruit new people who haven’t been involved before, our peers who haven’t been reached with the pro-life message.”

“We know that for anyone to stay engaged and active in a social movement, they have to feel like they belong, like there is a community of people all fighting for the same goal. Pro-Life Future is that community, leading to action and change,” he said, adding:

While we will be supporting active pro-life programs and initiatives in our community, bringing even more people into those, we will also be expanding and filling the gaps, which are different in every city. And Pro-Life Future will continue the innovative strategies of Students for Life, with constantly evolving activism and messaging to change culture.


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