Schweizer: If Blumenthal’s Clinton Work Isn’t A Conflict of Interest, I Don’t Know What Is

Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large and author of “Clinton Cash” Peter Schweizer stated that if Sidney Blumenthal’s work with the Clintons during Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the State Department isn’t a conflict of interest “I don’t know what one would be” on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“I mean, this is a classic example of what we call the Clinton blur. So, you have Sid Blumenthal, who’s paid 10 grand a month, he’s been bought — brought to the Clinton Foundation to work on so-called Clinton legacy projects, what he’s actually doing is providing intelligence to Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. The reason he’s not doing that from the State Department is the Barack Obama White House said ‘No way, we’re not going to allow him in this administration.’ And so he’s providing these so-called intelligence reports in an area he’s not an expert for, while at the same time he’s working with this company that’s seeking contracts from the Libyan government. And Sid Blumenthal was pushing them. I mean, talk about a massive conflict of interest. If this isn’t one, I don’t know what one would be.”

Schweizer also said, “We’ve seen it in Canada. We’ve now seen it in Sweden, where there are these charities that have been set up that are really shell companies of the Clinton Foundation.” And that while there are three that are known, “there probably will be others.” He continued, “In the case of Sweden, for example, they give $26 million through this government-owned lottery to the Clinton Foundation, at precisely the same time the Swedish government — and I report on this in the book with State Department cables– at precisely the same time the Swedish government is trying to get Hillary’s State Department off their backs because Sweden is doing all these commercial deals with Iran. Bill Clinton gives his biggest single payday speech ever for a Swedish company called Ericsson for $750,000 at this same time. And guess what? When it comes to Iranian sanctions, Hillary’s State Department decides in the end to not include Swedish companies. So, I would say, absolutely, they’re getting things from Hillary Clinton while she’s secretary of state.”

He concluded, “Well, I think the polls are showing that there are increasing numbers of people that don’t view her as honest. But, honestly, Sean, I think the solution on this is there needs to be criminal investigation.”

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