‘Is She Going To Be Okay?’: Michelle Malkin Reveals Daughter’s Heartbreaking Health Struggle


Michelle Malkin’s 15  year-old daughter Veronica is suffering through a terrible health crisis that has not-yet been diagnosed. In her weekly syndicated column, Michelle tells the story — which is also the story of every parent’s nightmare come true:

Just before Mother’s Day weekend, however, she started having what appeared to be respiratory trouble. She “couldn’t get a good breath” and began gently gasping and sighing for air every few minutes. Two trips to the ER later, she had been administered ibuprofen for “costochondritis” and then albuterol to open up her airways.

The problem is that all the various tests and exams indicate she’s getting plenty of oxygen. Her lungs, heart and vocal cords are all “normal,” and yet she describes a chronic feeling that she’s “drowning.” Every day begins with gasping beyond her control, multiple times a minute, nonstop, every hour of every day, until she reaches a point of exhaustion at 1 or 2 in the morning.

After a brief respite while sleeping, the day-mare starts all over again.

Despite taking an alphabet soup of potent neuro-related meds for tics and Tourette’s, Veronica’s condition has steadily deteriorated. The force and frequency of the gasping — now with loud stridor on both the inhale and exhale — keep her in bed most of the day. She has choked on food and drink several times; aspiration is a constant risk.

It has been agonizing to watch her suffer while waiting weeks and months on end to see an increasingly short supply of specialists. It is more agonizing knowing that, despite obtaining the best care possible for her, we still don’t really know what’s going on.

Anyone who has ever had to stand by feeling helpless as a loved one suffers, can relate. Hopefully, Veronica will soon be diagnosed and treated. When you read Michelle’s column, especially the last two paragraphs, you will see that Veronica is an extraordinary young woman.

If you believe as I do that thoughts and prayers help, please offer yours.

Everyone here at Breitbart News is sending out our best wishes for Veronica’s full and speedy recovery.


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