In Custody: Charleston Church Shooting Suspect ID’d as Dylann Storm Roof


**UPDATE: Also predictable…

**UPDATE: In his early afternoon statement, it took President Obama exactly 4 minutes to politicize this massacre into a partisan call for gun control.

Gun control fanatics create gun-free zones.

Mass-murderers target gun-free zones.

Gun control fanatics call for more gun-free zones.

***UPDATE: There are now unconfirmed reports that Roof has been apprehended by police in Shelby, North Carolina. CNN is confirming Roof was caught. Charlotte North Carolina will hold a briefing “soon.”

According to WBTV:

Law enforcement is pursuing 21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof, of Eastover. An active manhunt is taking place in several locations in the Midlands.

Public records show Roof was arrested in March in Lexington County on drug charges.

There are reports Roof was also arrested for trespassing.

***UPDATE: Reuters reports that for his 21st birthday, Roof received a .45 caliber pistol from his father. An uncle described Roof as “quiet and soft-spoken.”

***UPDATE: The patches on Roof’s jacket appear to be flags. The top resembles the Apartheid South Africa flag. The patch below that resembles the pre-Independence flag of Rhodesia – now called Zimbabwe. The signifigance could be that these are  the flags of two African countries when they were under white rule.



The first photo below is reportedly from Roof’s Facebook page. The photo directly below that is reportedly from a police flier.




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