Laura Ingraham: Confederate Symbol Purge Won’t End with Flag Bans


On Wednesday, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham warned that the frenzied purging of Confederate flags will likely lead to Democrats and Republicans joining together to toss all traces of Southern heritage down the memory hole.

“The repressive elites say, ‘jump.’ ‘Jump to ban flags.’ ‘Jump to move a statue.’ One day it’s moving statue; the next day it’s closing the museum — because, after all, people can go to a museum and become enraptured with the historical message of Jefferson Davis,” Ingraham said. “What are we going to do with his burial site?”

“We’re, in a way, blowing up parts of history,” she continued. “Today it’s Jefferson Davis. Tomorrow it’s Robert E. Lee, and on and on and on. But what is Mitch McConnell doing? Right after this gift to Obama on trade? What on earth are you doing? This Saul Alinsky [tactic] — get off the main topic — the main topic is that America and our sovereignty is being threatened: our jobs, wages, our way of life, our border.”

The GOP is marching in lockstep with the Left to demand that essential aspects of American heritage be crushed while allowing the Obama administration to flood the country with dangerous illegal aliens. Soon, it will become taboo to plan Civil War re-enactments, she warned.

“[They’re] moving on from the flag to statues, memorials, perhaps Civil War reenactments, until what else? What else becomes an untouchable or unshowable in our society?” Ingraham asked.

Guest Rick Santorum pointed out that he saw the people of Charleston joining hands in prayer after the terrible church shooting in a extraordinary testament to Christian faith and reconciliation.

“My reaction first and foremost is the fact that the media has completely diverted attention away from something that has truly been remarkable — what’s gone on in Charleston,” said Santorum, who has been visiting the town since Saturday. “I saw a remarkable display of people there suffering, hurting, or angry — all the emotions you could imagine when you have a mass killing like this, but I also saw people rise above it. And, to their faith, promote reconciliation and healing and forgiveness — the things that this country really needs.

“If we are going to really solve this problem, it isn’t going to be taking down flags, defacing monuments, and shuffling history off. It is dealing with the reality that we’re a people that need to reconcile and need to show each other each other’s humanity, and the important role that faith plays in that,” Santorum added.

Likewise, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina warned against tearing down Southern symbols in a rush to stir up hatred in the Democrats’s electoral favor.

“Too bad politicians can’t take [the] inspiring example of the family members of victims saying they forgave this evil, young man and standing together, but no — there are many politicians that will use this to divide, and to further the Democrats’s legacy, which, unfortunately, now is identity politics,” Fiorina said. “The goal of the Democrats is to win– to win the White House, to win back the Senate and the House. Their goal is political power… Ideologically, the goal is that government becomes the substitute for everything else.”

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