Abbott: Obama ‘Has Not Done Enough’ On Chapo Extradition, Trump ‘Injected’ Border Into Race

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) criticized the Obama administration for not doing enough to secure the extradition of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and expressed his disagreement with “some of the tenor” of Donald Trump while praising him for injecting “the need to talk about the border” into the race on Monday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

Abbott said of Guzman’s escape, “We are deeply concerned. The cartels in Mexico, who operate to some extent in the United States, are something that pose a great danger. We’re very frustrated because we expected him to be extradited to the United States, to be imprisoned here.” And “we wanted him extradited to the United States so we could prosecute him and jail him here for the rest of his life.

Abbott was then asked, “has the Obama White House done enough to press the Mexican government?” He answered, “I believe the Obama administration has not done enough, which is exactly why Texas stepped up and began doing what the federal government has failed to do. This past legislative session we passed the toughest border security program any state has ever had in the history of this country. One reason, is so we can better crack down on cross-border, cartel-based activity.” drug cartel across the border operations.”

Abbott was then asked about the comments of Donald Trump, he said, “One thing that he has done that a bunch of candidates have done, is they have injected into the presidential race the need to talk about the border. Now listen, I disagree with some of the tenor of Donald Trump, but the fact is, he has pointed out a great frustration that Americans have, and that is Washington, DC has not done its job to secure the border. Which is why Texas passed an $800 million border security plan. Texas is willing to shoulder the burden of doing the work, we expect Washington, DC to pay the tab, we also expect that we elect a president who will start securing the border and living up to the constitutional mandate to secure our sovereignty.”

He concluded by talking about sanctuary cities, arguing, “we wouldn’t even be talking about sanctuary cities if we had a federal government that was doing its job to secure the border and protect our sovereignty. There are sanctuary cities because the federal government has abandoned its responsibility. We have to elect a president that will do a good job of securing the border, passing immigration reforms, and that will get rid of all these sanctuary city-based issues.” “you wouldn’t have people seeking sanctuary if we had an effective immigration plan, and we had an effective border security plan, and Americans are going to remain frustrated until we do have an effective immigration and border security plan.”

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